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  • Your brand is a business.

    To celebrate Women’s History month, Social Native wanted to shine the spotlight on some of their extraordinary female creators who are following their passions to positively impact our community (and I was one of them ^.^).

    Checkout the full article where I talk about my journey from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship, branding, starting a business, and what it’s like to be a female creator! 

About Me

I share a lot of my personal testimony and journey through my content as a Creative Professional. Whether through sharing my story online as a Content Creator, helping women start new brands and businesses as a Coach, speaking life into others, or mentoring young girls as a Nonprofit CEO, I know that my life is making an impact because of these personal testimonies.

I feel like the life of a Creator is to make the kind of art that inspires and impacts the world – and I feel like I’m doing that in my own way.

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