Female Solo Traveler in Las Vegas

Have you ever been solo traveling before?

It’s one of my favorite pastimes. I love having the opportunity to go exploring, and this trip to Vegas was one of those experiences…

📍Traveling to Las Vegas with Allegiant Airlines

📍The Eiffel Tower Restaurant

One of the first places I was excited to visit in Vegas was the iconic Eiffel Tower Restaurant, a replica of the Eiffel Tower located in Paris, France.

While I do hope to visit the real Eifel Tower in Paris one day, the replica in Vegas is just as beautiful (and it lights up at night)!

If you’re located in the USA and want to travel domestic, visiting this Las Vegas landmark is a perfect solo trip getaway experience.

Checkout the videos I have on my Instagram page.

📍Ceasar’s Palace, The Venetian, Grand Canal Shoppes

While exploring Vegas, I couldn’t resist stopping by the Ceasar’s Palace Hotel to enjoy the scenery. This hotel makes you feel like you’re in Rome, Italy.

This location is close to the Venetian Hotel, which features the iconic Gondola ride inside the mall, “Grand Canal Shoppes”.

If you’re traveling solo, save some money to take this ride and enjoy some shopping while you’re there!

📍Poolside at The Bellagio Hotel

Thanks to Instagram, I landed the opportunity to stay at The Bellagio in partnership with the airline company that flew me out to Las Vegas. What I love about marketing online (specifically on Instagram) is having the opportunity to attract gigs like this that feed into my passions to travel and explore.

📍Botanical Garden Exhibit

While staying at the Bellagio Hotel (which is absolutely gorgeous on the inside), I had the chance to visit their free Botanical Garden exhibit.

Let me tell you, the most beautiful works of art exist in this exhibit! The displays smelt absolutely amazing, filling the air with the aroma of lavender, floral scents, and cinnamon. I really enjoyed the sensory experience.

Checkout the videos I have on my Instagram page.

Take More Solo Trips

Traveling with others is great. Traveling solo is great as well, and I hope this post encourages you to explore the world more (on your own).

If traveling alone, here are a few tips I recommend:

  1. Let family members or close friends know where you’re going, and when you arrive/depart
  2. Don’t tell locals in the surrounding area of your travel destination that you are alone
  3. Bring extra pocket money for emergencies
  4. Create a travel fund to use for trips like this
  5. Pack the essentials only and leave room for extra items you may buy on your trip
  6. Pack a tripod and camera/iPhone with a remote to capture moments with you in frame (or ask a stranger: I had a stranger ask me to record him proposing to his now fiancé under the Eiffel Tower! How romantic…)

Thank you for reading!

I pray this encourages you to seek bigger opportunities for yourself. Go out there and live!

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