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Secure the Bag: How to Work with Brands for $$ on Instagram

Exclusive webinar teaching on how to find brands to collaborate and work with for money on Instagram that includes top influencer and blogger networks, messaging and email format templates, proven steps and strategies that work for paid and sponsored posts, and a Beginner and Advanced version teaching. 


Who this is For:

  • Creatives, Content Creators, Bloggers and (current or up and coming) Influencers
  • Men and Women looking to learn how to make money on Instagram working with brands
  • Men and Women looking for proven networking strategies and resources that work
  • Men and Women who currently have an Instagram profile

What You Will Receive:

  • Exclusive webinar teaching from an Influencer and Entrepreneur on the different strategies and ways to work with brands on Instagram
  • Option for Beginner or Advanced teaching
  • Downloadable messaging and email templates to use when reaching out to brands for paid posts
  • Downloadable Cheat Sheet for the best networking platforms for bloggers and influencers
  • Downloadable 16-page Cheat Sheet on Cost effective ways to create high quality content for your brand
  • Lifetime access to instructional teaching and materials
  • Cost effective strategies to gain the most monetary value for your content

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