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The webinar “How to Start a Nonprofit” with Crystal Nqumezi was extremely informative. I had no idea where to even begin when starting a non-profit organization. I felt extremely overwhelmed! After tuning into the webinar all of the questions I had were answered and I walked away feeling confident about where to begin. The steps that Crystal pointed out have steered me into the right direction and I can finally get started on the non-profit organization for women who have been physically, mentally, and emotionally abused. The 15 page non-profit digital resource was also a plus. Thank you Crystal for sharing your knowledge, looking forward to the next webinar.

– Deborah Young, Founder/CEO of Lions Group Financial Planning, Co-Owner of Thru Grace Media

The webinar was super informative. I have been looking to start a non-profit for over a year now. I have been doing my own research, but it’s always great to have the information you’re looking for in a centralized resource. On top of that, the information is coming from someone who has a successful non-profit. Crystal did an exceptional job, and I definitely appreciate it!

– Brandon Boone, Founder of The Great Ones, Co-founder of Up SZN

I enjoyed speaking with Crystal. She shared the same energy as I did and really was open to hearing more so I felt comfortable and worthy.

– Theresa Taylor, Founder of Focused on Purpose

My experience was Heaven Sent! The Attention to detailed strategy to create an individualized action plan for my goal of starting my nonprofit was just what I needed. It really makes a difference to talk to someone versus reading about it online.

– Andrea Ewelike, Founder of My Identity