Nonprofit Consulting Services

Here is a Service Breakdown of the Nonprofit Consulting Services I provide:


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Service Breakdown

For a $55 60-minute consultation, I discuss with the client their nonprofit business ideas and help them develop the initial first steps toward getting their business ideas off the ground, as well as key business strategies the client can take to jumpstart their nonprofit business idea. I also answer important questions the client may have regarding starting a nonprofit organization.

If the client would like further assistant, I provide $35/hr one-on-one training sessions on how to create a business plan, steps toward achieving 501 (c)(3) status, and branding for social media marketing, website development and social media strategy.

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Extra services I provide outside of the one-on-one training sessions include business plan writing, social media development, and website development services. The Business Plan Drafting/Writing services I provide include a complete draft of a professional business plan for your nonprofit. Social Media Development includes the creation and start up of your Instagram account for your business, along with a set theme and the first 9 posts included with management and paid promotion. The Social Media Management services I provide include the management and promotion of your Instagram account for your business. I offer Website Development services which include the start up of your business website with your own personal domain. Website Hosting and Website Management services include managing posts and content for your website along with annual domain renewal.


Final Thoughts


I started my own nonprofit organization from the ground up, which is now operating in two major cities within its first year, has achieved 501 (c)(3) status, generates revenue, and has  a strong social media presence. I have the drive and tenacity to help others achieve success, and I look forward to teaching and training people on how to make success work for them. Find out how I can help you with your nonprofit goals by setting up your free 15 minute consultation.

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