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Mentorship Program

Embark on a Life Changing Experience

Exclusive Nonprofit and For-Profit Mentorship Program provided by Crystal Ngumezi, CEO & Founder of The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization, and owner of Brand Your Biz Consulting Company and ShoppHer Online Boutique. 


Branding Support, One-on-One Coaching, Personal Development  

When I first started working with Crystal… I was just amazed at the amount of information I received… what really stood out to me, and set her apart from any other consult I had, was the time and effort that she put in. She put together a plan that was specifically based on my personal brand and the things I had expressed that I wanted to work on. She let me know what I needed to do to improve, and what options I could use to get my blog out there. One thing that I really appreciated was the fact that she followed up with me throughout the week and held me accountable for the things previously discussed. A lot of people keep all the information to themselves, but Crystal has a passion for sharing what she has learned and genuinely just wants everyone to be great! Since working with Crystal I have noticed a major change in my brand and website views, it has also helped me to manage my time and see the importance of making time for building and expanding my brand each and everyday. I’m so happy that I stepped out on faith and signed up…  I’m blessed to have met her, and plan to continue working with her in the future.

– Kayla Nimer, Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Blogger, Poet

Mentorship Candidates

Who this Program is For:

  • Creatives, entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Men and Women committed to excellence
  • Men and Women looking for one-on-one help, coaching and guidance in the nonprofit or for-profit arena
  • Men and Women seeking branding help, business strategies for maximizing profit, exclusive resources and valuable business insights
  • Individuals seeking personal development and intentional commitment and support for personal growth

Program Sessions

Program Sessions are offered to Men and Women interested in receiving value-added help, techniques and support for their life and business. Crystal has helped countless Men and Women both professionally and personally pursue and achieve their life goals.

What You Will Receive from this Program:

  • One-on-One personal time with Crystal (via video conference or in-person) to ask business related questions and seek professional advice
  • Personal commitment and support from Crystal
  • Discounted One-on-One consultation services ($160-$320 value)
  • Session notes with practical, step-by-step proven business strategies that work for both nonprofit and for-profit industries
  • Exclusive resources to help maximize your personal and professional goals
  • Option to select only (2) 60-minute sessions per month, or (4)  60-minute sessions per month for open communication and personal access to Crystal

Selection Process

Due to Crystal’s complex schedule leading and managing teams for her various businesses, mentorship candidates will be personally selected by Crystal via application process to ensure commitment to program and all that Crystal has to offer. Crystal is very intentional with her time and passionate about sowing into individuals and their dreams. Mentorship candidates must be committed to the time Crystal will sow into this program and be ready for a life changing experience.

Program Requirement of at least 2-3 months continuous mentorship.

To apply for this exclusive program, please provide the following: