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Embark on a Life Changing Experience


Program Sessions

Program Sessions are offered to Men and Women interested in receiving value-added help, techniques and support for their life and business. Crystal has helped countless Men and Women both professionally and personally pursue and achieve their life goals.

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(2) 60-Minute Sessions per Month


(4) 60-Minute Sessions per Month




  1. Do I receive a physical membership card in the mail? 
    No, physical cards are not issued or shipped out. Your membership will be secured using your email address.
  2. Is this a monthly subscription?
    Yes, this is a membership renewal program renewed every month.
  3. Can I pay the monthly membership fee for the year or in advance? 
    No, memberships are only allowed on a month to month basis.
  4. Can I pay for a friend or family member? 
    Yes anytime, however, you would need to create a separate order with a different email address.
  5. Can I cancel anytime?
    Yes, you can always manage your mentorship membership and cancel membership if necessary: HERE 
  6. Who can I contact for support issues?
    For all support issues, please send an email to:


*All payments non-refundable.