Embark on Your Journey with Coaching Services by CEO & Entrepreneur Crystal Ngumezi!

Clients can expect to receive Coaching for both for-profit and non-profit brands and businesses with Crystal’s 10+ years of professional experience in Brand Marketing, Business Startups and Business Management. Coaching expertise in Branding, Business Startup, Online Marketing, Social Media and Product Development.


Brand Your Biz Academy Membership

Perfect solution for female leaders, entrepreneurs and businesswomen in the introductory or rebuilding stage of their brand and business. Members can expect to gain exclusive access to Brand and Business eBooks, Workshops, Training Classes and Self-Guided Courses. Membership is $249/year. Members can cancel anytime.

Brand & Business Consultation

Clients can expect to gain Brand Clarity, Focus and Business Solutions to position their brand and business in the direction that leads toward growth and financial stability. Consultation services range from $75-$100/hr.

1:1 Coaching

Clients can expect to receive 1:1 Coaching Services catered to a specific brand and business need with a Pain Point Correction Plan and an establishment of Goal Milestones to be achieved with the Coach. Coaching Sessions start at $100/hr. with a bi-weekly payment plan. Number of sessions determined by client.


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