About Me

Crystal Ngumezi

CEO | Entrepreneur

How I

Experienced Transformation…

8 years ago, inspired to launch my 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and global online ministries, I left Corporate America to pursue my entrepreneurial career.

Thanks to God’s guidance, I’ve since then built global ministries, providing free female mentorship services to over 100 under-served teen girls across Texas, while spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to nations abroad.

I’ve used my 10+ years of experience in mechanical engineering, business start ups, and digital marketing to use the vehicle of social media to reach thousands of people remotely, globally impacting diverse communities.

What Female Mentorship

Means to Me…

To me, female mentorship means having a female advisor and/or accountability partner that is going to stretch you mentally, educationally, and spiritually. I believe a mentor should enhance your quality of life in some way by expanding your capacity.

The best mentors I’ve had have inspired me, and evoked some kind of positive change in my life that led me further towards purpose. I believe female mentors should evoke this same kind of change in the lives of young women, and this is why I created my nonprofit organization, The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization.

How My Work is

Making an Impact…

I share a lot of my personal testimony and journey through my content as a Creative Professional. I have “highlight moments” that make me feel like I’m making an impact in my career when people reach out to me about how I’ve impacted them in some way.

Whether through sharing my story online as a Content Creator, helping women start new brands and businesses as a Coach, speaking life into others, or mentoring young girls as a Nonprofit CEO, I know that my life is making an impact because of these personal testimonies. I feel like the life of a Creator is to make the kind of art that inspires and impacts the world – and I feel like I’m doing that in my own way.