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About Crystal Ngumezi

Crystal Ngumezi is a first generation Nigerian, born and raised in Houston, TX. She is the daughter of immigrant parents, and the product of a God-given word. Crystal grew up exposed to different cultures and backgrounds as a young child, and as a young teenager, she grew up in predominantly black and latino neighborhoods in the public school system. With an interest for mathematics and technology, Crystal later went on to pursue a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, where she graduated top 15% from The University of Texas at San Antonio.

During her undergraduate career, Crystal participated in minority based organizations such as NSBE and INROADS, landing her engineering internship opportunities each year in the chemical and aerospace industries, with guaranteed job positions 6 months before she graduated. Crystal used her professional experiences, matched with her professional degree to later pursue job opportunities working in management for corporate companies and small businesses. Crystal’s myriad of corporate industry experience, mixed with helping small businesses in the departments of operations and supply chain, catapulted her into entrepreneurship and owning her own businesses at age 26.

As a young minority female student pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering, who would later pursue a professional career in male dominated environments, Crystal always desired to have a female mentor.

Crystal desired to have a female mentor who would lead and guide her on the path to professional leadership as a young black female professional in a white male dominated industry. Sadly, Crystal never found that vivacious woman. Crystal’s mentors from her adolescent years up until now have been male leaders. Male leaders who saw potential in her as a young leader, and took it upon themselves to help Crystal progress through her professional career. With the continued desire to have a multifaceted female mentor (someone who was like her but more experienced and well versed in the industry), Crystal was spiritually led in 2016 to create and establish a nonprofit organization for young women seeking the same thing.


The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization came into establishment on December 19, 2016 in Austin, TX. The organization is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free mentorship and professional etiquette training to underserved young women in the state of Texas ( To date, The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization has provided female mentorship and professional etiquette training to over 60 female students, established partnerships with companies such as Walmart, Microsoft and The Boys and Girls Club, and has expanded to an online community of over 5,000+ people. In just under 2 short years, Crystal’s nonprofit organization has sparked a global online reach, and impacted local communities through sisterhood, community involvement with young women, and servanthood in underprivileged neighborhoods.


As a young minority woman who grew up in lower-income communities, Crystal is fully aware of the economic disadvantages that exist within such communities. Crystal grew up with young women who lived in single parent homes, and had best friends who later became teen moms. She had to work 10 times harder in college because she was taught by a poor educational system, giving Crystal a large learning curve in comparison to her white male peers (a disadvantage that she had to work extremely hard to overcome). Crystal excelled through school not because she was smart, but because she had a drive to be excellent and show young girls who looked like her and came from where she came from that they could do it too.

Through the help of God’s power working within her, a determined spirit instilled in her through her parents, and the help of organizations catered to young minority students like herself, Crystal thrived. It is with this same passion and determination that Crystal leads the operations and management of The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization. The organization’s motto is, “We believe in excellence.” It is with this spirit of excellence that the organization provides excellent female mentorship and professional etiquette training services to young women. The mentors that the organization selects are carefully chosen women who share a real connection with the girls and communities served. The organization is a community of women, serving the community through sisterhood, intentional service, and spiritually led commitment. Crystal is proud to be the CEO of an organization that is making a real difference in the community, and changing the lives of young women across the state.


It is through the successes of Crystal’s nonprofit organization that she later went on to establish Brand Your Biz, a service provider that teaches entrepreneurs and creatives how to turn their passions into profitable businesses and corporations through professional services, mentorship, and online training courses. So many men and women would come up to Crystal asking her the same series of questions when it came to starting their own nonprofit or for-profit businesses, so she built a business around it, and has since then been able to help hundreds of individuals across the country, utilizing social media and online marketing.


Crystal is blessed to be a blessing to so many men and women who come across her story online, become clients or students of her businesses, and meet her in person at events. The stories others share with Crystal remind her why she does what she does – to help people. Crystal believes that she is called to help this generation live in the inheritance that she believes God has laid out for them. Through Crystal’s vulnerability about her ups and downs as a young entrepreneur, sharing her story of overcoming depression and anxiety, and living her life as an example that good things can come out bad situations, Crystal believes people are receiving their healing. Crystal lives a life that is honest, and believes in building businesses that stand on honest business practices for the betterment of a community. Crystal says she is not a perfect person, she is simply a person who chooses to live according to God’s will for her life – boldly and shamelessly.



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