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Hey, I’m Crystal Ngumezi, a CEO, Business Owner, and Entrepreneur from Houston, TX with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, born from Nigerian immigrant parents. After a radical experience with God in 2014 that changed my life forever, I left Corporate America to pursue entrepreneurship.

In my 12+ years of experience running monetized brands online, I’ve generated 7-streams of revenue, reached thousands of women using social media, and gained partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Steve Madden, Dove, Target, and Macy’s just to name a few.

I’m living in my purpose and have devoted my life to helping other women achieve their own success.

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  • Brand Trip to Jamaica as an Influencer

    Brand Trip to Jamaica as an Influencer

    📍Flight into Ocho Rios, Jamaica Next stop, Ocho Rios, Jamaica! This trip to Jamaica marks my first international trip with a sponsored company. To be very honest with you, I am writing this blog post not just to encourage you, but to remind myself of what God did. You see, this was a trying year […]


  • 6 Things I Did in St. Lucia

    6 Things I Did in St. Lucia

    📍Enjoyed the Natural Scenic Views of Gros Islet Traveling to Saint Lucia was not necessarily in my plans, but God brought this opportunity my way during one of the most trying times of my life. During this time, I had experienced setback after setback, and was kind of in a fog of confusion and sorrow. […]


  • Pursuing Your Dream

    Pursuing Your Dream

    Hey love! Today we’re talking about DREAMS… Have you ever had a dream? “Dreams are meant to be realized and lived out in real life.” – me Now, I realize not everyone pursues their dreams… but what if pursuing your dream was the very thing required to reach your destiny? Would you pursue it then? […]


  • Fashion Favorites: Levi’s, Jessica Simpson, Target

    Fashion Favorites: Levi’s, Jessica Simpson, Target

    Hey love 💕 This month, I had a whole lot of fun shopping looks for my brand to share with you. I had so much fun shopping the colorful selection displayed on my Instagram feed, that I thought it fitting to create this blog post for you with outfits tagged and explained. If you love […]


  • Fashion Trend: Fall Fringe Boots

    Fashion Trend: Fall Fringe Boots

    Howdy girl! Today is all about rocking our favorite boots in the summa-time 💕 What I love about this fashion trend is that you get to mix and match your favorite summer, fall and/or spring outfits to create something new and dynamic. For this look, I incorporated these fun red rhinestone/fringe boots that I linked […]


  • How to Stay Consistent

    How to Stay Consistent

    Hey love 💕 Let’s talk about the art of – CONSISTENCY Now, if you’re anything like me, you may have noticed that being consistent can be hard at times. Let’s explore one of the ways we can battle with being consistent. LACK OF PASSION God gave me a message the other day that I want […]