Summer Colors for Melanin Skin Tones

Summer Colors for Melanin Skin Tones

Hey girl 💕,

It’s no secret that I love the color pink (I where pink in almost every look on Instagram now ^.^).

I’m a very big fan of dressing in bold and bright colors during the summer months, especially in colors that match my warm undertones.

If you’re a melanin girl like myself, knowing your undertone is key! This will help you pick out the right summer colors for your skin tone, as well as the right jewelry pieces to give your look that extra glow🌟.

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If you have neutral – to – warm undertones, go for warmer summer colors like pink, peach, green and yellow. These colors will bring out your warm undertones and help compliment your look!

For more cooler undertones, white, red and blue will look good on you.

When styling your look with jewelry, stick to gold jewelry pieces for more warmer undertones, and silver jewelry pieces for more cooler undertones. For more neutral undertones, you can get away with both silver and gold jewelry, so rock out girl!

Shop The Look: HERE

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