Perfectionism has faults too…

Perfectionism has faults too…

Do you happen to be a perfectionist like me?

(Come on, raise your hand)

I must confess, my perfectionism can get in the way sometimes, but let’s be honest – we all have put off projects at some point in time because they didn’t meet our standards of perfection.


I do struggle with managing my perfectionist ways, but God is still dealing with me – and His grace is sufficient.

So, how do we handle this apparent need to be PERFECT at all times?

We manage our desire to be perfect by accepting the truth that we are NOT perfect – but are being perfected.

How does this make sense?

We are works in progress, while also being perfectly made in the image of God (at the same time).

So, while I am always on a hunt to “be perfect” or to make my work “perfect,” I also have to understand that it is the imperfections that make me human (and dare I say it – relatable).

You know what I mean?

Sometimes our need and desire to be “perfect” can sometimes mask our need and desire to be CONTROLLING. This revelation takes deep self-awareness and introspection of our motives, actions and beliefs.

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Shop The Look: HERE

So where do you lie on the perfectionist scale? Are you at a 1 or a 10??

I’m probably somewhere around the 8 category 😂, but then again – God is still working on me lol…

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