When to Monetize Your Brand on Instagram

So, when should you consider monetizing your Brand on Instagram?

When you’ve hit 20,000 followers? When you’ve become “Instagram Famous”? When you get the “Swipe Up” feature?


Here’s When You Should Think About Monetizing Your Brand on Instagram:


I. Your Brand has Peaked the Interest of Other Brands Online


One of the main reasons why I became a Content Creator working for well known brands like Dove, Clinique, Steve Madden and Neutrogena, was because after a while of posting content on Instagram relating to fashion, beauty and lifestyle, brands were sending me DM’s and emails about sharing their products and services to my audience.

At that time, I only had like 2,000-5,000 followers, but these brands saw something in my brand that peaked their interest enough to want to reach out to me for opportunities.

Once I started working with brands (for FREE), I realized that the demand was present and that I could turn collaborating with brands into a business.

So I did.

I started taking my branding on Instagram more seriously, started studying more about branded content online, and began creating a business around what I was already doing for free.

I turned my hobby into a business, and now this business provides income for my bills, payments for my student loans, and investments for my other business ventures.

I’ve worked with over 50+ brands as a result of seeing an opportunity to monetize my brand on Instagram.


II. You’re Getting Constant DM’s, Comments and Questions about a Particular Subject

Do you realize that people ask you the same questions over and over again?

This is what I experienced when I first started my Coaching Business.

I never imagined that I could use Instagram as a tool to start my own businesses and help people along my journey.

When I started my nonprofit organization, The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization, I would constantly get emails, comments, and questions asking me “How did you start your business?” and “Can you help me brand online?”

Transparency Moment: I went to school for engineering and worked in management for fortune 500 companies as my career prior to “branding myself” on Instagram. I didn’t realize that my love for art, fashion, photography and technology would attract people the way it has.

I never considered myself a “branding expert” or a “coach”, until I started helping people with their brands and coaching people on how to start their own businesses online.

I helped people for FREE, and then I created a business around it once more people started flocking to me for the same knowledge and expertise.

Do you see a pattern here?

If you notice a current demand by others for something you have or do, try it out for free to make sure it’s something you really want to do (and can do well), and then consider turning it into a profitable business.


III. You’re Looking to Increase Your Income


Looking to develop another stream of income?

I didn’t realize how beneficial it was for me to create multiple streams of income online, until I needed it!

As a college graduate who didn’t play any sports or get a full ride scholarship to go to school, I had a lot of student loan debt when I graduated college.

What people don’t tell you is that student loan debt is one of the main stumbling blocks for most college graduates.

People teach you how to get a quality education, but they don’t teach you how to pay off your student loan debt once you’ve graduated.

So for me, even though I graduated with a B.S. degree in Engineering, when I left my job for health reasons, I learned very quickly the importance of creating multiple streams of income.

So learn from my experiences and start developing multiple streams of income for yourself right now.

My experiences are what propelled and inspired me to create my membership group for black female brand and business owners, Brand Your Biz Academy, and my ebook, The Millenneal’s Guide to Making More Money Online,” a 50 page step-by-step guide providing insight into using the power of social media to create multiple streams of income.

I wanted to provide insight into the benefits of branding online, starting your own business, and creating multiple streams of income by use of technology.

What I provide in my membership group and eBook are well beyond the small investment, and will save you hours of time trying to figure everything out for yourself.


IV. You Want to Make Purpose Your Career

What I didn’t realize in 2016 when I started my brand on Instagram was that God would use this platform to make Purpose my Career.

I have always loved helping people, but what I didn’t know was how God was going to use me to help people.

God choose the internet as the place for my purpose to thrive and produce fruit.

I am called to help women and minorities in the areas of branding, social media, education and business.

I didn’t know that all of my experiences creating digital content as a hobby, going to school for a technical degree, and starting businesses online would serve my purpose in this way.

Nor did I know that my love and joy for helping people would be produced out of my desire to see people grow.

I turned purpose into a career, and if God can do it for me, He most certainly can do it for you!

Transparency Moment:  I’ve experienced many traumatic experiences, near death health scares, disappointments, business failures, and broken relationships along my purpose journey. This is why I believe in what I have to give to the world. I know what it’s like to financially struggle, I know what it’s like to loose a job, and I know what it’s like to lack the support from those closest to you because you’ve chosen an uncommon path (unlike anything others have seen before).

I’ve walked in your shoes, in fact, to a certain degree,


I Am You.

Let my journey be an example of what it looks like to pursue purpose, no matter what.

I want to see you win!

Don’t allow fear, or the perceived failure you “think” you might experience, rob you of your destiny.

Focus on your gifts, special talents, and unique experiences, and don’t let anyone take your dream away from you.


You Can Do This!

And remember, the best is yet to come.


(Download My Free eBook: HERE)



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One thought on “When to Monetize Your Brand on Instagram

  1. I have really been struggling with social media lately. It’s my own fault too because I am just not a very social person. Lucky for me there are tips out there to help so I am going to try and implement some of these ways and hope that I can monetize my account someday. I will try to be more social. Thank you for the help.


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