My 5 P’s to Branding on Purpose

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My 5 P’s to Branding on Purpose


When starting a new brand or business, you want to ask yourself the question, “What is the purpose of my brand?”

A lot of women start brands and businesses, but lack purpose.

When starting a new brand or business, challenges will come your way, you may get discouraged or offended, and things may not move as quickly as you would like or expect – are you going to quit?

Most people quit their brands/businesses within the 1st year, simply because they either lacked purpose, or they started the brand/business for the wrong reason.

Every time I hit a snag with my brand, I go back to the purpose of my brand.

The purpose of my brand is to inspire women to pursue purpose, and to lead others to Christ.

Understanding your brand’s purpose helps you properly measure if you are indeed meeting the purpose of its creation.

What’s the purpose of your brand? If it’s superficial or led by selfish ambition, it will not last.


Once you have your brand’s purpose identified, it’s now time to determine the perspective you will have regarding your brand.

What do you want your brand content to do?

Inspire? Promote change? Educate? Excite?

I notice that social media is a really big topic for many new brand and business owners.

If you’re anything like me, you love to create content, inspire, and connect with others, but you hate the Instagram algorithm! LOL

Did I hit a nerve?

I meant to..

Whenever I find myself getting frustrated with social media and its ever-changing algorithm, I go back to my brand’s purpose and reassess my perspective about my brand.

Did I create content to please the Instagram algorithm? Or did I create content to reach at least one woman who would be impacted by my content?

Whenever you find yourself getting frustrated with your brand’s impact, ask yourself, “What do I want my content to do?” Write it down, stick to it, and trust me… it will help you.


When I think of my brand, I don’t think of it as a hobby – I think of it as a production company.

God gives me creative ideas and concepts, I plan and schedule it, create and edit it, and publish it to my audience.

That’s a full production!

This mindset is what separates the average from the excellent.

Before I came into the creative and entrepreneurship space, I was in Corporate America. And before that, I was leading teams. I have always had the mindset of a winner – something I am thankful to God for because starting anything new takes resilience, practice and great patience.

So when you think of your brand/business, think of the production aspect behind it, because this is what will capture people’s attention and drive your brand/business to achieve it’s ultimate purpose (which is what we discussed in step 1).

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Now that you have your brand purpose, perspective, and production down, it’s now time to determine the best platform(s) to publish your brand content to reach your target audience.

I explain what a target audience is and how to find them in my free ebook.

When trying to determine the best platform(s) for your brand, think about your audience and the kind of content you will be producing. I personally love creating photo and blog content, so I focus on reaching my target audience via Instagram, and building relationship with them via my Blog and email list.

Choose the platform(s) that works best for you, and make sure you enjoy publishing your content to that platform.

If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, what’s the point right?


Here’s a common misconception – Publishing content for your brand isn’t the end of your process…

Promotion is.

I want you to think about your favorite resturant or store.

How would you find out about them if they didn’t have some type of marketing and advertising in place to promote their business?

I want you to think about this same concept for your brand/business.

This is why the production step of this process is so important.

A lot of new brand and business owners produce great work, but they don’t publish it to the right platform, or promote their published work after. Another common mistake I see is women publishing and promoting work that is not produced as well as they know they can produce it.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to your brand/business – it’s yours! No one is going to believe in it more than you – so take it seriously.

Treat your brand with love and care, and do your very best to lead with purpose, have the right perspective, produce great quality work, publish and promote!

These are My 5 P’s to Branding on Purpose. I pray it blessed you.

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