How I Edit My Instagram Photos (Tutorial)

I’m finally releasing my Best Kept Secret: How I Edit my Instagram Photos !

I’ve tried different ways to edit my photos over the years, from using different photo editing apps, to using photo filters, and now, I’ve created my own set of photo presets that you can now use to edit your photos straight from your phone!

My Queen Collection Mobile Presets are now available and ready for download:

What makes my photo presets so unique is the fact that I am a brown skinned woman, and I’ve noticed that photo presets from other photographers usually make my skin tone ashy and pale.

For my own photos, I love amplifying the warmth of my natural skin color, while adding a cool element to my backgrounds. This contrast is what makes my photos stand out online and drives traffic to my multiple brands.

If you’re in need of a brand upgrade to drive engagement, traffic and sales to your brand or business, my photo presets are what you need!

Seamlessly edit your photos for your website and social media pages with The Queen Collection Mobile Presets.

I’ve created this short tutorial to show you how to add vibrancy back into your photos in less than 60 seconds!

Watch the video tutorial above, and download The Queen Collection Mobile Presets for yourself.


Crystal Ngumezi

IG: @crystalngumezi

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