How to Turn Your Instagram Followers into Clients

I had the great pleasure of teaching a Live Class in my Membership Group for black female brand and business owners, “Turn Your Followers into Clients.”



I’m really excited about this topic because when I got back on Instagram in 2016 with my personal brand, I didn’t know what I was doing… lol

In fact, I never planned on starting 4 different businesses in 4 different industries using social media…

But I did… and I see a lot of common mistakes many people are making when it comes to starting a new brand or business on social media.

I wanted to make this post to share some helpful insight and information about turning your followers into clients, but if you would like to watch the re-play of my “Turn Your Followers into Clients” virtual class, and receive more helpful resources to make more money online, checkout Brand Your Biz Academy to learn more.

Now let’s get into this post!


How to turn your Instagram followers into clients…


The first thing you should know about social media is that –  you don’t own it!

This is a common misconception that many new business owners have.

You should be using social media to find and attract your audience for your brand and business. This means that social media should be the “hook” with the bait that gets the fish, and you as a fisherman should have somewhere to put the fish once you catch it.

Make sense?

Try this scenario out: You have an idea for a new business you want to launch so you go on social media to try and test out your idea. How can you ensure that your business is going to be a success?

You have to think with the end goal in mind, and work your way backwards.



Here’s How:

  1. Think of a business idea that will make you money
  2. Use social media to find the right audience (people who will become potential customers/clients)
  3. Transfer interested prospects to a platform or medium that you have more control over
  4. Nurture your relationship with those prospects
  5. Launch your business/product
  6. Convert your followers into clients


You have to think of social media more as a magnet for your business, rather than it being your actual business.

What if social media shuts down? Will your business shut down too?

What if people switch platforms on you? Will your business have to change too?

I want you to be thinking very earnestly about these questions.

Have you considered this, and are you using social media for business in the right way?

If you do not create a way to convert your social media followers from Instagram (or another popular platform) onto a medium you have more control over, you are going to loose money (or not make any money at all).


Now, don’t get me wrong… social media is a great way to connect with people from all over the world.


But with the way our economy is changing so rapidly, it’s important for you to start reconsidering how you’re going to do business.

Think of social media more as a tool to get you into owning a business.

I create these blog posts to share information with you because I want to see more women and minorities owning businesses.

So what are you going to own?

What do you want to pass down to your children one day?

Don’t wait until the world shuts down before you start thinking about owning your own business.



Here’s What You Should Do Instead:

  1. Use social media right now to start attracting the right people for you new business idea
  2. Convert your followers from social media onto a space you have more control over like a private group or email list
  3. Build a more genuine relationship with the people you want to do business with


This is how you convert your followers into clients  – through building relationship.

The Instagram algorithm will continue to limit your ability to reach all of your followers at once (for free).

When you create a way to connect with your followers more closely, you’ll start to experience much more organic success with your new business.


I’ve created 7 different streams of income using the power of social media and building organic relationships with my followers.


Learn more about the different ways you can make more money online using social media in my ebook, “The Millennial’s Guide to Making More Money Online.” 




The Millennial’s Guide To Making More Money Online is a 50 page step-by-step guide teaching you how to use the power of social media to create multiple streams of income.

You will learn how to start a business, build a solid brand, create high quality content, master marketing on social media, sell products online and more! Consider this guide a small investment that could in turn, pay off your student loans, fund your dream business, pay for your next vacation, and earn you what it cost you one hundredfold!



What I want you to take away from this post is that you need to focus less on getting more followers, and more on building relationships with the followers you already have.



Followers don’t equal money!


People like people.

And people do business with people who show up, get them results, and have a strong business plan.


If you haven’t already, join my Free Facebook Group for more Business, Branding and Social Media gems, and Subscribe to this blog for more helpful insight.





Crystal Ngumezi

IG: @crystalngumezi




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