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HOW TO CREATE A MONETIZED BLOG: Blogging for Beginners

Hey there! I wanted to take this opportunity to help those of you creating blogs for the very first time!

I’m going to teach you how to create a blog, and how to make money off your blog at the same time.

Let’s get into it!

Create Your Blog theme and Idea

When it comes to creating a blog, it’s so important to have a great idea first. 

For example, when I made the decision to make my personal brand a blog, there was much thought and consideration that went into that idea. I thought about they type of content I would create, who I would be targeting, and how my blog would grow and evolve with me over time. I wanted to pick a site name that would transition with me as I grew and evolved as a woman. 

For you, you may want to create a niche-specific blog that’s about writing, fashion, tips for moms, or even recipes. 

The options are endless, but just like building a business, your blog should be something that will grow along with you.

Choose Your Blog Hosting Platform

When it comes to choosing the right hosting site for your blog, you want to think of these 3 things:


  1. Accessibility: Questions to ask yourself, “Will it be easy to access my website to make changes and edits to blog posts, and will it be easy to share my blog to social media platforms?”
  2. Maintenance: Questions to ask yourself, “Will it be easy and user-friendly? Is there a great support team in case I have technical questions?” 
  3. Annual Pricing: Questions to ask yourself, “Can I afford what I’m ultimately looking for?”

I recommend using a website hosting platform like WordPress, which allows you to choose your domain, pick your website theme, and include plug ins to make your blog site perfect!

Build Your Website

In order to build out the meat of your blog site, you will need to create a few 1st pages to get your site off to a great start:


  1. Home Page (typically this front page will serve as the page you posts your blog posts)
  2. About Page (details information about you and your blog for readers to learn more about the vision and purpose behind your blog)
  3. Contact Page (an easy way for people to contact you after visiting your blog)

When it comes to creating your very first blog post, you will want to touch on the primary subject matter of your blog, and really show off your writing skills, expertise, and creativity!

To make your blog post more inviting and interesting for the reader, try adding in graphics and different font options to make your blog post more dynamic (this makes longer posts easier to read).

Top 4 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Here are the top 4 most profitable ways to monetize your blog:


  1. Place Ads on your blog site: You can have your blog monetized by placing ads on your website using programs like Google Adsense. How this income stream works, is that for each ad you place on your website, you get paid a certain amount per click. So the way to really make money through this stream is to get the most traffic to your blog to increase your pay-per-click average. Hosting sites like have their own built in ad revenue sharing systems that work the same way, where you get paid by the hosting platform to share ads on your website. 
  2. Join Affiliate Programs: Affiliate programs are a great way to make commission off promoting and selling products and services that would benefit your audience. You can join affiliate programs like Amazon and other popular retailers. 
  3. Brand Collaborations: Brand collaborations can be a very lucrative income stream for bloggers because unlike affiliate programs, you have the power to set your rate. How this stream works, is a brand can pay you to create and promote a blog post for their business. To help you make money through brand sponsorships, I’ve created valuable resources in my, “Work with Brands for Money” eCourse to help you pitch to brands, negotiate your rates, and create the perfect Media Kit with rate pricing! 
  4. Create & Sell Digital Products and Services: Creating your own digital products and services is a great way to monetize your blog because through consistency of your blog posts, you’re creating a targeted audience that is benefiting from the information and knowledge you’re supplying. Many bloggers go this route, and use their blog as  a way to build trust with their audience and potential customers. You can checkout examples of this at Brand Your Biz!


And there you have it!

I taught you how to create a monetized blog, and take your passion to the next level. I hope this information helps you create a powerful blog!

I pray it was a blessing to you, so be sure to interact with me in the comment section about the blog you want to create.

Subscribe to my blog for more helpful posts about business, entrepreneurship and social media, and I’ll chat with you in the next one!

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  1. There really are so many ways that you can make money as an influencer or bloggers now days. This is helpful for both newbies and veterans.

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