My 7 Streams of Income: How I Make Money Online

Welcome to my Blog if this is your first time visiting!

I’m excited to share with you my 7 Streams of Income, and how I make money online.

I hope and pray this blog post motivates and inspires you to expand your financial income streams online. As a Christian Entrepreneur, I find it very important to share my wealth of knowledge with others, so let’s get into it!

INCOME STREAM #1. Business Coaching

I am a Business Coach to aspiring female business owners and entreprenuers, and this income stream was produced out of a need.

When I started my 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization on my own, I had several women coming to me online and in person asking me how I did it, and telling me how much they liked the business’s branding (even though it was never my intention to start coaching). Because I had women constantly coming to me for help, I wanted to create a teachable structure around my consulting and coaching to ensure that I was giving women the most structured knowledge and resources available for business and branding.

Hence, I started Business Coaching through my consulting business, Brand Your Biz.

Using my experiences in management, engineering, and online marketing, I’ve been able to help several women start and grow their brands and businesses online.

If you are someone with vast experience and knowledge in a particular field, consulting and coaching may be up your avenue. You must definitely have a love for teaching, sharing knowledge, and motivating others.

INCOME STREAM #2. Affiliate Links

Now, I know most bloggers and online influencers talk about affiliate links all the time, but here’s the truth: if you don’t have a concentrated audience that is high engaging, you won’t make much off affiliate programs.

This is why in the beginning of my blogging career (2014-2016), I dibble and dabbled in affiliate programming for fashion, because that is what I used to heavily concentrate on. But as I evolved as a business woman, creating multiple brands and businesses online, I developed an audience that became more interested in business, entrepreneurship and social media (for business).

As a result of this, I started to join affiliate programs related to business software companies I was using to run my businesses online, financial apps I use on a daily, and website services.

As women are increasingly migrating to the business sector, more companies are starting to turn their marketing efforts toward female business owners and entreprenuers. We’re changing the narrative, and I love it!

Here are some of the business websites and financial software companies I use to run and maintain my businesses online:

  • WORDPRESS: Hosts my online blog and nonprofit organization website.
  • JETPACK BY WORDPRESS: Allows me to view my website stats and analytics.
  • FRESHBOOKS: Organizes and records my expenses, income, and tax forms for all of my businesses (highly recommend!).
  • AMAZON: Best marketplace for business purchases for photography equipment, office supplies, and packing materials.
  • TEACHABLE: The best platform to create online courses, subscription services, and digital products for any topic!


Affiliate Programs you can join:

INCOME STREAM #3. Brand Deals

Ah yes! Good ol’ brand deals – every influencer’s dream right?

I personally did not even know about the power of marketing myself online until I had brands reaching out to me on Instagram in 2016 to work together. I’ve been “promoting” my personal brand online since 2014 through my personal blog site, and only just recently got into the brand deal game in 2016 because my brand started to present an incentive for companies online.

This income stream is by far the largest stream of income I have to date, and I am diligently working to match it’s earnings through my other streams.

You can learn more about the power of working with brands for money online in my eCourse, “Work with Brands for Money.

Reference that eCourse for:

INCOME STREAM #4. E – Commerce Business

As a fashion influencer, I have always had a love for fashion and creating unique looks as I envision them in my head. When I was a young child, I use to spend endless hours sketching designs for fun. I’ve just always loved the art of fashion, and have a deep-rooted respect for the craft of designing clothes and making it in the industry.

My love for fashion inspired me to create an online store, The CN Brand. This store is a passion of mine, and it allows me to share my love for fashion with the world.

I plan on providing more unique clothing options through The CN Brand, and hope to continue experimenting with fashion through my creative ideas.

INCOME STREAM #5. Digital Products

My love for sharing my knowledge and teaching women how to make more money online produced my consulting business, Brand Your Biz. Through this business, I have created several digital products, such as:

Creating a digital product is a great source of income because it allows you to generate passive income. You spend the time and work creating a great product that will help others, and then you can market and sell the product online as it generates sales for you in your sleep!

You can create your first eCourse using Teachable, a great platform to create online courses, subscriptions and other digital products.

INCOME STREAM #6. Website Building

I created my first website back in 2014, and as a result of my love for technology and digital marketing, I have created several other websites for small business owners. The website you are currently on was created by me, and I truly do love challenging myself with each website I create.

You can learn more about my website building services by scheduling a free Discovery Call with me for a quote.

So if you are someone with a skill for online web design, website building is a great business to get into as more and more people are looking to create personal and business websites for their brands.

INCOME STREAM #7. Mobile Apps

As someone who graduated with a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering, I think it’s only right that I’m addicted to mobile applications. (Yes, I said it  – I’m addicted to apps! LOL). I have an app on my IPhone for just about everything, and it’s only right that I put them in my income generating bucket to make me more money.

Not only do you benefit from the services of the apps I’m sharing with you, but you also can generate money from sharing them with others.

This income stream is probably the easiest income stream for you to get into.

Here are some mobile apps to get started with:

  • Digit – Mobile banking app that helps you save money easily for a rainy day, to pay off debt, or to save up for vacation.
  • InstaCart – Mobil app that allows you to shop from your favorite grocery stores and get your food delivered (get $10 off your first order). As a busy entrepreneur who never seems to have enough time to do anything anymore, I love this app!


So there you have it folks, my 7 streams of income!

I really hope this helps you see the many ways you can make more money online.

Use your gifting, use your online community, and use your creativity in the world of online marketing and digital creation.

You have the internet as your resource and guide to expand your financial portfolio, so please use this blog post as a resource to help you diversify your financial income streams.

I pray it was a blessing to you, so be sure to interact with me in the comment section about the income streams you’re going to try out.

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