My Luxury Birthday at the Fairmont Hotel

On May 17th, I celebrated my birthday at the Fairmont Hotel.


The Experience

Thanks to building a personal brand online, I was afforded the great opportunity to enjoy a luxury vacation stay at the Fairmont Austin Hotel.

The Fairmont Austin sits along Lady Bird Lake, with a gorgeous view of downtown Austin from the top floor (follow me on Instagram to view my InstaStories at @crystalngumezi).

During my stay, I enjoyed pineapple mock-tails in my cabana at their rooftop pool, a luxury spa day with a bubbling hot jacuzzi,  private room service, and an amazing Asian cuisine dinner at the Revue.

todays outfit

I had such an amazing time that I had to share it with you!

The Inspiration

This year, I am being more intentional about living in the moment and enjoying each experience that life throws my way.

As I get older, I realize more and more how quickly the days go by, and I want to ensure that on trips like this (even while I’m working as a content creator), I make the best of it, and soak everything in.

And I did.

This experience was amazing because I was able to finally treat myself to something I actually wanted  – peace, pampering and tranquility.

I really took my time enjoying this trip, creating the type of content I want to see more of on my Instagram feed (which will now serve as a travel diary).

I would highly recommend a trip like this to anyone who works as much as I do (lol).

We workaholics tend to overwork ourselves and never really spend enough quality time to ourselves. I am learning to value and appreciate vacation time a whole lot more, and for what it’s worth, I am plaining on vacationing a lot more in my lifetime.

My birthday inspiration for this year was inspired by my love for travel photography, beach vibes, and a resort feel.

If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, you have seen me travel to Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, Jamaica, and back. Even though I vacationed within the state of Texas, the Fairmont Hotel definitely gave me the resort vibe I was looking for.

From the hotel staff to the luxury experience – I felt like I was somewhere else. It was the perfect way to bring in a new year.

Birthday Meaning

I don’t know about you, but for me, each birthday has a very special meaning and significance.

This year, my birthday represented a defining year in my life that would force me to let go of the “old” me, and embrace the “new” me.

I am letting go of old titles thrown on me by my parents, friends, society, and even by me. This year, I am letting go and moving into ALL that God has for me.

It is also a defining year for me because I am leaving from one state of “being” and moving into a new one. I am embracing all that God has for me without fear. 

There are many great plans that God has for us here on this planet, and I am dedicated and determined to experiencing each and every one of them (as God leads).

I am more determined now than ever to be re-introduced to myself, as I let go of old ways, mindsets and destructive ways of thinking, embracing a new normalcy that is more conducive to a new way of thinking.  Out with the old, in with the new!

I am sticking to the thoughts about my life that God has for me, and ignoring anything that tries to stand in my way. This is my year of becoming and I am sticking to it!

Join me on my journey of discovery, experience and momentum, as I continue to share with you my stories of breakthrough, triumph, and valuable lessons learned along the way.

I am excited to take you along with me as I explore all that God has for me in this new age of becoming.


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