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Craft Princess Handmade Jewelry: Review

I don’t know about you, but I love statement pieces.

Statement pieces in jewelry, clothing and accessories.

I’ve been really inspired to showcase more female-owned brands on my platforms, and this month I’m excited to share with you a special one!

Craft Princess is a female-owned online business that creates beautiful handmade jewelry and accessories for women.

Here’s the brand’s mission statement:

“Why take away from the biggest statement which is YOU. Craft Princess believes that jewelry should act to enhance your look, not be the focus of it. Each piece is handmade with a different color that not only looks gorgeous but gives you a boost.

Let the world see the woman THEN her jewelry.”

I’m especially loving the White Africa Studs and White Africa Bracelet set you see me wearing here,


According to Craft Princess’s color definitions, the color white stands for mindfulness, which I absolutely love. I am definitely choosing to be more mindful this year, and these pieces are great reminders.

As someone who has very dainty hands and wrists, I love that Craft Princesses’s bracelets  are adjustable (all bracelets should be this way lol)!

What I love the most about this brand is their mission to make women feel unique, beautiful and confident. These pieces are pieces that I will gladly add to my jewelry collection and wear over and over again.

Take a look at their full collection: HERE

In fact, when you order during the 1st week of May, you get 15% OFF when you use my code: CRYSTAL20

This is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, a friend’s birthday, or a treat for yourself!

As someone who sometimes finds a hard to time picking out gifts, I love the idea of handmade jewelry because it’s so unique and special.

Check out Craft Princess and let me know you’re favorite item from their line in the comment section down below and on my Instagram page!

Follow Craft Princess Online:

Instagram: @craftprincessjewelry


Twitter: @craftprincess15



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20 thoughts on “Craft Princess Handmade Jewelry: Review Leave a comment

  1. Looks awesome! I love handmade jewelry, it totally has the hand of master in there, the warmth of the hand. I prefer handmade jewelry if I wear one at all

  2. My birthday is next week I will share this with my husband as I love jewelry great present idea!

  3. These are really pretty! And I like the “dainty” aspect. I have tiny wrists as well and everything swings around all the time. I will have to check this out!

  4. iIt looks cute and dainty. Simplicity is still a beauty. That earrings looks good on you 🙂

  5. That’s nice. I love different designs of jewelry. I guess it must be shiny in real as it looks in the photos.

  6. Love these crafted jewelry pieces. They are really outstanding and love the daintyness of them.

  7. I like handmade jewelry, especially those with unique designs. A friend of mine once brought a wire earrings from Thai. It amazed me that they are identical. :d

  8. Those pieces are so cute! I love going for the handmade pieces over the commercially made.

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