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The Best Photo Editing Apps 2019

I asked my followers on Instagram InstaStories what they would like to learn more about when it comes to creating great content online, and the majority picked “The Best Photo Editing Apps” (Follow Me On IG: HERE).

So here are my top photo editing apps for Iphone to create the best content online for your brand. Whether you are a content creator, blogger, artist, or small business owner, these apps will help you create the best quality content for your brand.

Now, before I get into spilling all the tea on my top photo editing apps for Iphone, be sure to checkout my previous post sharing with you the best photography equipment to use to capture the best photos for your brand: READ HERE

I. Photo Editing


  • For general photo editing to capture the best picture quality and resolution for your pictures after they’ve been taken, I highly recommend downloading and using the app SnapSeed. This app will allow you to correct lighting, structure, detail, and contrast features in your photos. There are also several different other edits and filters to choose from.
  • What I like the best about this app is that you are able to save your edits to use on all your pictures to save time editing. This way you don’t have to try and edit all of your pictures the exact same way spending hours, you can just save your edits one one photo and use that same “preset” on all of your future photos.
  • Before I started using presets from photographers on my photos, I used this app and it worked the best to give me the professional edits for my photos that I was looking for, without sacrificing the quality and resolution of the photo.


  • Now this app has a lot of controversy surrounding it due to the advanced features to manipulate and distort body images. However, I do not use this app for those purposes. I primarily use FaceTune to add details to my photos where my camera or original edits could not. For example, I love to highlight the details in my hair and on my face, so I will use this app to smooth out certain areas on my face (if necessary), or more so to add detailing to my hair.
  • There are 2 versions for this app, but I like the first version the best.
  • You are also able to whiten walls and backgrounds with this app. This is another very popular feature and edit of the app. So if you take a great photo, but it’s against a dingy wall, you can whiten your background with this app to make the photo appear brighter and cleaner.


  • This is the #1 app that I use to edit my photos for my brand. I use it because with LightRoom, I am able to upload photographer presets into the app to use to edit my photos in bulk. Using this app and editing process speeds up my photo editing and cuts my editing time in half (if not more than that).
  • You are also able to do the general photo editing edits to your photos using this app.
  • I like this app primarily because unlike most photo editing apps, it does not lower the resolution of your photos after you edit and save your edited photos to your phone.
  • I talk more about how I use the LightRoom app for content creating in one of my previous blog posts: READ HERE

My Top 10: Fundamentals to Building Your Brand Online E-book

  • I list the rest of my Best Photo Editing Apps in my newest E-Book, “The Fundamentals to Building Your Brand Online“. Check it out for my top 10 recommendations to help you create the best content for your brand, and what apps I use in conjunction with the apps listed above to help me create more creative content for my brand (In the book, I include More FREE apps, and great apps that people don’t mention!)

II. Video Editing


  • I always edit my videos on my Iphone, and the top app I use to edit my videos on my IPhone is IMovie. This app typically will come on your IPhone, but if not, you can download it for free from the app store.
  • In IMovie for IPhone, you can use the same features as the laptop version. I use this app to cut, trim, speed up, slow down and add text and filters to my videos.
  • There are many different and unique edits you can achieve to your videos using this app.


  • This is a newer talked about app, but InShot allows you to do even more cool edits to your videos like change the dimensions, add more creative filters and effects, and so much more.
  • It’s a free app that you can download to give your video content the extra edge and creativity that you’ve been looking for.


  • Splice is a free app that you can use to edit your videos for portrait mode. So if you are looking to add cuts and edits to videos you want to use in your Stories or on your feed in portrait mode, this is a great app for that.

III. Stories for Instagram & Facebook

I constantly get asked about the photo and video editing apps I use for my Stories on Instagram, so here are my top picks…


  • StoryLuxe is a free app that allows you to create really cool collages and creative photo templates for your brand. I primarily use this app to create creative Stories on Instagram, but you are free to use it wherever you want to add something different to your content.
  • The app has many different themes to choose from, with the option to buy original and exclusive template packs.


  • Similar to StoryLuxe, Unfold is probably the most popular photo template app being used on Instagram. You are able to pick from different themes to spice up your content online and add something cool and unique for your brand.
  • This app is generally used for vlogging and story boards used on Stories.
  • The app has many different themes to choose from, with the option to buy original and exclusive template packs.


  • HypeType is a video editing app that allows you to add text to your videos. You are able to add different fonts, colors and effects to your content to have a more creative Story for Instagram or Facebook.


  • The app Mojo is probably one of my most favorite new apps for IPhone. This app allows you to create really cool templates and visual edits to photos and videos. It is basically a mashup between HypeType and Unfold. You will have a lot of fun creating cool and original visual content for your online brand with this app.
  • The app has many different themes to choose from, with the option to buy original and exclusive template packs.

These are my top photo and video editing apps for IPhone that you can go download right now for free to create cool and creative content for your brand.


Share with me in the comments section or on Instagram your top photo editing apps, and let me know which app is your ultimate favorite!


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