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How to Look Fly on A Budget

So by the title of this blog post, I know why you’re here…

You’re looking for more ways to look great while saving your coins.

Well, I have some great tips for you!

As a lover of fashion myself, I learned a very long time ago that money is important…

Not only is money important, but how you spend your money and what you spend your money on is even more important.

So from one frequent shopper to another, here are some great tips to help you shop smarter!


Ever since I was a college student, I have always enjoyed thrifting.

When I use to travel the country for internships and student organization work, I would love thrifting in other cities to check out what the fashion scene there was all about.

From New York to Canada, to Houston and back to Austin… it was so much fun trying on other styles and just having fun playing with trends and colors.

Here’s the Game to Thrifting:

  1. Go in with a game plan! When I go thrifting, I always have in mind what I want to find (statement coats, cool denim jeans, a dope skirt, accessories). You never want to go into a thrift store without a plan because you will either get overwhelmed or become discouraged.
  2. Know that not every trip is a hit. Sometimes I go thrifting and I find the BEST things. Other times, I find nothing…lol. What I have learned about shopping in general is that you don’t always walk out finding what you love.
  3. Speaking of finding what you love, only buy items you absolutely LOVE! If I can’t imagine myself without a particular item, then it’s not for me. Don’t feel like you have to buy something every time you go thrifting. Just go to see what’s out there, and see if anything calls your name.
  4. Perform a FULL inspection before you buy! After I determine what items I want to buy from a thrift store, I always do a full inspection of the item before purchasing. This saves you from walking away with holes, stains, or other damages that may be found in a second hand store.
  5. Wash & Dry Clean! I always wash and dry clean the items I thrift. I want my items to feel as new as possible, even if they have been previously owned by someone else.

Some of my most complimented outfits have a combination of thrifted items and newly store bought items.

I care more about the full look of an outfit and what I can create than where I buy my garments from.

And to be honest with you, no one ever really knows the difference anyway (LOL).

Another tip is to search for inspiration in fashion magazines to give you some ideas of trends you can try out and play around in.

This is something I do often to inspire me before walking into a thrift store.

Another tip: Shop in the men’s department!

I find some of the BEST items in the men’s department at thrift stores.

They are typically better quality and in better condition.


Did you know that you could shop more affordable through

This is something I just got hip to!

What I like to do is type in the Amazon search bar the particular item I’m looking for, and they generally will have it for a really great price.

Here are some items you can find from my most popular outfits:

Sign Up for Amazon Prime to get your items shipped FAST! You can sign up for a FREE 30-Day Trial: HERE


I love to mix and match my pieces.

From mixing and matching colors to prints to textures, I love to create something out of nothing.

What helps me the most is having a blend-able color pattern. Kind of like an artist. I like to see what colors, prints or textures will work well together and create my looks like this.

This is a great way to rotate and recycle your clothing.

You can create multiple looks by rotating your pieces together to create something completely new and unique.

This is something I get complimented on a lot, and it’s simply because I have a lot of fun creating looks that I’ve never seen done before.

To save money, you can mix and match high end pieces with low end pieces.

I do this all the time to keep my style consistent while also saving coins to look the way I feel the most comfortable.

With staple statement pieces, you can pair them with your more basic items to create a classic and unique outfit. 


I support small businesses.

As a small business owner myself, I know what it takes to run a small business, and it is not easy. So when I can, I like to invest my money in local stores and shops around my neighborhood.

For me, this is a great way to shop trendy without going to higher end stores in the mall that will sell the exact same item for a much higher price.

Look around your neighborhood to see what small businesses you can start shopping at.

Not only will you save more money, but you will rotate money back into your community.

You can check out my Instagram @crystalngumezi for more outfit ideas, and shop my Amazon Store: HERE

Some other money saving tips to help you shop:

  1. Ebates (Earn money back every time you shop online!)
  2. Shoptagr (tells you when sales on your favorite items are available)
  3. Poshmark (buy second hand online)

Leave me a comment down below if you found these shopping tips helpful, and let me know some money saving tips you use to help you look fly on a budget!

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