Is Social Media Robbing You?

Have you been comparing yourself to people online recently?

I know… you don’t really want to admit it.

2018-10-19 20_15_42.23

The truth is this, most of us (if not all of us) have compared ourselves to at least 1 person online within the past year. And to be quite honest with you, I’m sure even more than that!

So why do we do it?

Is it that social media has made it so easy for us to view into the lives of others, that comparison is almost inevitable if you have a cell phone and the Instagram or Facebook app?

Or, is it that society has done such a swell  job in making us believe that we’re missing out on something, that we spy into the lives of others to find out if it’s really true?

Or how about this one, is it that we just don’t believe that our lives are really working out the way that it should, so we are led by our curiosity to see what everyone else is doing?

If you are anything like me, then curiosity can be one of your biggest enemies.

I am a creative. I am also someone who is pretty self-aware, however, I still fall victim to comparison when it comes to online browsing.

So how do we really deal with this comparison thing in our generation, when social media practically bombards us with images and lifestyles on a daily (as soon as we open up the app)?!

2018-10-19 20_30_41.116

Here are some suggestions:

Turn Off Your Notifications

I am someone who is pretty open and transparent on my social media. I have talked openly about my struggles with anxiety when it come to social media, and one of the things that has greatly helped me is turning off my notifications for ALL apps!

This may sound like a small and rather insignificant thing, but trust me, it makes a HUGE difference.

What I have learned as a young adult is to properly identify my triggers.

The more you can reduce environmental triggers, the better your life will be (both online and offline).

Follow People Who Inspire You

One of the biggest things when it comes to following people online is to follow and connect with like-minded people.

Look at social media the same way you look at your REAL life. Would you hang with or connect with someone who brings you no peace, joy, or commonality?

No, right?

So why do we do this online?

I only follow and connect with people who I either know (and want to continue knowing), or who I would like to know in REAL life. This eliminates the risk of connecting myself to negative energy online.

Because social media is apart of my job, it is something I participate in daily. So for me, I want my work space to be creative, positive, and inspiring, and you should want the same thing for you too.

Understand that Social Media is Not Real

Here is the thing folks… social media is SOCIAL MEDIA. It is not REAL life! (LOL)

What I mean by this is, social media is a collection of images created and posted by the user. This means, that the creator of said images has the right and freedom to create whatever story they want to tell.

As online content creators, we are storytellers.

If someone who is facing divorce wants to create an online story that their marriage is perfect, they can. And people would believe it simply because it’s online.

If a person contemplating suicide wants to create an online story that their life is perfect and they never face any trials, they can. And people would believe it.

Do you know how many people are actually suffering in silence?? All because, through the lens of social media, anyone can become whatever they want to be (and primarily, anyone they want others to believe them to be).

To live a life in secrecy is to live a life cursed.

Please do not allow social media to curse you into a life of secrecy.

Social media, in it’s purest form, is an open platform meant to share, connect, and inspire like-minded people from across the globe.

Like any other man-made platform, when used incorrectly, social media can have extremely damaging effects. But when used in its original intention, social media can be truly amazing and impact-full.

Create & Share With Purpose

One of the biggest things that helps me remain positive online is posting and sharing with purpose.

Back in 2016 when God told me to get back online (I had been on social media many times prior and had ultimately made up my mind to stay off of it for good), I told him I would only return to social media with 1 condition:

It had to serve a purpose…

God agreed to this, and has since then made what I do online purposeful, meaningful and impact-full.

For you in your life, social media can have many different purposes. Whether you are a creator, entrepreneur, corporate professional, mom, business owner… you name it!

You must understand that you have the POWER to make social media work for you and serve YOUR vision (not the vision of someone you are comparing yourself to).

When you make social media work for you, you will no longer feel the need or desire to look into what everyone else is doing. You will serve a need that others can look up to and be inspired by.

Comparison is the thief of real joy, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your social media.

Social media can work for you… you just have to learn how to work it right  😉


I hope this encourages you.


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