The Perfect Brand Pitch

The Perfect Brand Pitch that landed me a FREE vacation…


Lol, yes…it actually did.

Enjoying my view from my Top floor Ocean-View room at a Jamaican Resort (FREE of charge!)


I am sharing this with you guys, because what I have learned about social media is this,

If you can sell your brand effectively, people will buy


Over this past year, I have done a lot of brand work and collaborations by using my personal brand on social media (Instagram primarily).

I am what you would consider a “micro-influencer,” but what I have come to realize is that your social media count does not necessarily mean you add value to your audience.


One of my greatest passions in life is helping people…

Even when I use to work corporate as an engineer and manager, I always had a desire to help the people I was leading become better people. 

This desire has since then translated into helping people through my other businesses.

As I am led, I love to share with others the tips, tools and secrets I have come across and use to better my brands.

One of them being the Perfect Brand Pitch.

So what is the perfect brand pitch?

Well, many bloggers have their definitions and explanations, but here is mine…

I. Before you pitch your brand to anyone, you must first know who you are, & what makes you valuable

For example, I am a lifestyle blogger, so what makes my personal brand valuable to a business will be different from that of a dancer, or a school teacher, or music artist.

You have to know what makes your brand valuable and unique before pitching to someone why they should invest in you.

If you are not yet sure about the clarity of your brand and what you have to offer the market or a business, then I would recommend continuing to grow and sharpen your brand until you find exactly what sets you apart and makes you unique.

I often times encourage my clients to think about what makes them unique as an individual. This translates greatly when developing your brand because people like people, not stuff.

II. Know Your Statistics and What they Mean

Many of the clients I consult with often times do not have a proper understanding of what their statistics really mean.

If you are using Instagram to grow your brand, you should have your account set up as a business page, and be checking your statistics regularly to know where you stand with your audience.

These statistics (plus other details) are what you will need to use in your brand pitch when discussing your value. Businesses and corporations want to know numerically where you stand with the consumer.

III. Presentation is Everything

As a business owner, I get a lot of “influencers” who reach out to me for brand collaborations. Because I am an influencer as well, I know what I’m looking for and what REAL value actually looks like.

Most brands and companies don’t actually care how many followers you have UNLESS they are adding value through REAL engagement.

The way you reach out to a brand tells them everything they need to know about your professionalism, and how seriously you take your brand.

I would never recommend sending brands and companies sloppy work, unprofessional DM’s, or lack luster emails.

The representatives of brands who are responsible for brand collaborations and sponsorships rarely have the time to sort through messy work or unclear emails.

When reaching out to brands, you need to be professional, clear about your intentions and what you have to offer, and straight to the point!

This is what I look for when collaborating with influencers for my business brands, and this is what I offer brands when working on sponsored content for my personal brand.


If you leave with nothing else from this post, here’s this…

  1. Establish your brand 1st
  2. Know your Brand’s value
  3. Clearly be able to identify and pitch your brand’s value
  4. Be professional, clear, & straight to the point!

I was able to secure and solidify a FREE 3-day vacation to Jamaica at a luxurious resort, not because I had 50K+ followers on Instagram, but because I pitched to that company how I could add REAL value to their brand with proven statistics, previous brand work, and something unique that no other “influencer” could offer them.

If I could land that big opportunity as a “micro-influencer,” imagine the possibilities and opportunities that lie waiting and available for you…


I’m teaching a step-by-step, full proof way to secure brand sponsorships and collaborations through Brand Your Biz.

I would love to share with you my brand pitch templates, professional resources, and masterclass teachings on how to turn your passions into a paycheck!

Subscribe to my blog for more blog posts on businesses and branding, join my Membership Group for aspiring female entrepreneurs and business owners, and leave me a comment!





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