Why Investing in Yourself Matters

We are in the 9th month of the year ladies & gentleman! Can you believe it??

August (the 8th month: 8 is the number of new beginnings) was definitely a developmental month for me and my businesses.

Did anyone else feel like that as well? (Let me know in the comments)


So with the start of a new month for the year, I wanted to probe your mind a bit as we embark on closing out the last few months of 2018:

How have you been investing your time, talent and treasure?

I wanted to share with you some things I’ve learned along my business journey as a consultant/business coach and entrepreneur …

One of them being this:

You Have to Understand the Importance of Investing in Yourself

Too often, I come across potential clients who want to be successful, but they don’t want to invest in themselves.

Online, I come across:

  • Young wannabe business owners who don’t want to sacrifice their free time in order to invest the appropriate time into their business
  • Employees who want to become CEOs that don’t want to prioritize their schedules
  • Creatives who are extremely talented that don’t want to invest their money into seeking professional guidance


Let me help you,

If you are unable to invest in yourself, why should anyone else invest in you?

This is not to sound insensitive, but rather, to help you.

We go to school (time + energy investment), we pay for college ($$ + time + energy investment), we work for someone else (time + energy investment), yet when it comes to ourselves, we invest very little into what we actually want to do.

Why is that?

Is it that we don’t know the value we actually possess? Or is it that we don’t believe in our own value?

Are you someone who is waiting for the approval of others before you start creating the business plan for that idea God gave you awhile back? Let me be the first person to tell you,

  • People will never approve what is in seed form… they will wait to see the fruit

Are you the kind of person that allows fear to keep you from pursuing destiny?

  • Your destiny is connected to today, and if you never get started today, you’ll never reach destiny …

Let me help you friends, no one can kickstart your dreams into reality if you do not first kickstart them within your own mind.

The biggest frustration I face with the young leaders I am called to teach, is their mentality. (And when I say “young” leaders, I am referring to individuals 24-35 years old)

As a consultant and business coach, I can give you the tools, the resources, the strategic plans to follow to get you where you need to be, but if you as an individual do not have the mindset to actually use what’s been given to you to be successful… then I my friend cannot help you.

Recently, I Implemented a New Business Model into my Business

I use to have free discovery calls where potential clients could schedule a short call with me to gain help for their business related issues and ask me questions. What I noticed, was that a growing number of men and women wanted the free help, but they didn’t want to do anything with it.

As a teacher of my many trades, my goal is to help people.

My goal is not to give people information just for them to not USE it! (lol) But often times, that is what you will get. People who want the help and information, just to say they know what to do, but nobody who actually does it.

This my friends is what is referred to in the bible as a “hearer of the word only …” Meaning, someone who hears the instruction, but does not do the instruction.

I do not want to teach people who will binge off of the information I provide them with but never exercise (or use what’s been given.) I want to teach people who will actually use what’s been given to them, and max it out.

This testing phase made me change my business model.

Instead of offering free tools and resources, I instead provide direct ways for people to work with me – people who are serious about taking their brands and businesses to the next level. I invested in automated systems and platforms to better help me service my clients, and provide them with the insight and tools they were looking for.

This change and investment produced amazing results! Now, I get clients who actually use what I give them. My clients now:

  1. Want the help they are asking for
  2. Use what’s been given to them
  3. See the results they’re wanting

So if you are someone in business struggling to gain the right clientele, or a person needing help in the area of branding and business, I will ask you this one question:

How is Your Marketing?

Are you giving out the right things to the wrong audience? Or, are you asking for help that you’re never going to use?

Don’t waste people’s time! Think investment and return.

What does your daily schedule consist of? Are you investing in quality daily activities that will return high value for you in the future?

Whether you are someone who invests often, or someone who is on the fence about it, I pose this question to you:

Are You Investing in Something that will Benefit Your Future?

Think about it …

The best thing you could ever do for yourself is invest in YOU. Invest your time into healthy disciplines and practices that will benefit your future, invest your energy into daily activities that will make your 30, 40, and 50-year old self proud of you, and invest your money into continuous learning.

The most successful people in the world are those who understand the concept of investment and returns, and those who practice continuous learning.

Are you investing in you?


Hope this helps you.

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