Woman of the Month: Jade Shaw

It’s July and I’m featuring another awesome woman this month for my Women’s Empowerment Series.

This next young lady is an awesome woman of God, a leader, a wife, and a business professional. She is the founder of The Austin Urbanista, an organization that connects women in Austin to resources, events and relevant information.

Ladies and gentleman, Jade Shaw:



Q: Give us your name, and tell us 3 words that describe you and why.

A: My name is Jade Shaw.  The three words that describe me best are VIBRANT | CONNECTOR | DISCIPLINED.  

Vibrant – I’m not sure if it’s being the youngest of 5, or growing up in the ALOHA state of Hawaii — or both.  But I’ve been extra pretty much as long as I can remember.  I enjoy using my energy to bring up the mood in a room, and love being a light to others.

Connector – I’m passionate about intentionally connecting others to people/resources that will enhance the journey to their purpose.  Whether I’m at an event, the grocery store, or even in the gym, I always find myself connecting someone to something.

Disciplined – I absolutely love daily regimens. As early as the 7th grade, I woke up every morning at 5:00 am.  I learned at an early age that you can get a lot more done in your day, if you are disciplined with your time.  






Q: What do you feel you are here in the world to do?

A: Such a powerful question! I believe that God can give you several purposes and tasks in this life, but the underlying theme in what He’s shown me is that I am here to be a connector!


Q: What is your organization, profession or business?

A: I am the Founder of The Austin Urbanista. I created The Austin Urbanista for the cultured and active Austin woman who wants to stay in the loop on all things ATX. Through providing relevant information on events and local businesses, and also creating events that intentionally unite a diverse sisterhood, my goal is to foster inclusion and intersectionality in Austin.  I want women of all cultures to feel that they can thrive here, both socially and professionally.






Q: What gives you the motivation to do what you do? Who and what inspires you?

A: The women of The Austin Urbanista definitely inspire me. They are creatives, educators, community advocates, wellness gurus, entrepreneurs, tech queens + so much more!  Seeing the way they innovate and strive towards their goals inspires me to create opportunities for them to connect with one another.  My motivation to work as hard as I do definitely comes from God, my amazing husband Ty, and my family.




Q: What is some advice you can give to women reading this interview?

A: It’s okay if your journey to your purpose is not linear.  In fact, it will make it even more fun!  Think of every trial, every closed door, every mismatched employment opportunity that you’ve experienced as another story you’ll have for your book!  Everything you think is a set back is really bringing you one step closer to where you really need to be!




Q: Where can my readers find you?

A: I’d love to hear from you all on my personal Instagram page at: @Jadeshawonline

If you’re looking for a diverse circle of women + good vibes — please come to one of our events.  We’re all about diversity, sisterhood, & inclusion.

Check The Austin Urbanista out here:

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Isn’t she awesome?! Thank you Jade for using your gifts and talents to connect women in Austin to opportunities and communities.

Jade is living proof that using your gifts and talents has the potential to reach others, and the potential to bring others together.

Check out her social media handles and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for more posts and interviews!


God bless,


23 Replies to “Woman of the Month: Jade Shaw”

  1. What a great series!!! I love meeting others through blogging (reading others) and such. A great collaboration of women and partnership.


  2. I love interviews liek this. I can learn so much about a blogger after reading these. I totally agree with your tip. My journey ahs never been linear but it’s exactly where it’s suppsoed to be.


  3. Wow I was surprised when I read you wake up at 5 am. I think that’s a great and disciplined mindset you have! Also didn’t know you were a founder of such an amazing organization! That’s cool.


  4. I love your point about the journey not being linear, and it is something I really needed to hear right now!


  5. I like reading interviews like this one. You make some good points and I was surprised of the fact that you are an early bird, but as they say, work while everyone is sleeping if you want to succeed.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Nice that you blog about different people each time. It makes the blog very interesting and diverse. I wish I had a group here like the Austin Urbanista’a. Its seems very pro active.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. The journey is never a straight line I don’t think. I know some people like to think that. But it really leads us in all different directions. Just fix your eyes in a direction.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Never losing sight of the goal is the way to reach your dreams. You may veer away from the path but keep your eyes on the goal. Thank you for sharing your interview with Jade Shaw. It is good to be able to read about other people and their successes.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I love that she describes herself as being extra and vibrant as I think they are great qualities to have. I wish her every success in her journey and hope that she continues to be as kickass as she already is. I would love to be interviewed if you are looking for people! x


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