Woman of the Month: Kreasha Williams

It’s the month of June and I have another awesome young lady featured today for my Women’s Empowerment Series. This series has taken off and I am so grateful to be featuring such amazing women on this platform.

This next young lady is making waves in the community, and she is a fellow advocate for women empowerment. She is a speaker, a teen girls advocate, and the co-founder of a nonprofit organization called The Wantabes.

Ladies and gentlemen, Kreasha Williams:



Q: Give us your name, and tell us 3 words that describe you and why.

A: Kreasha Williams, but I go by Kay. Creative, Passionate, and Loving. I would say that I am Creative because I like to make things, I like to use my hands but also I like to use my mind to create solutions to problems. I would say passionate because when I believe in something there is nothing that you can tell me to feel otherwise, I strive to excel in what I believe in and passion is what drives that. Lastly, I say loving because although I am stern, I am hard working and I can be assertive at times, but at the very end I am the most loving person you will ever meet. I don’t love easily but when I do, I love hard and I want the absolute best for those around me.


Q: What do you feel you are here in the world to do?

A: I am just a little ol’ girl from a small town in Texas that is pushing for what she believes in. A girl that sees herself in so many young girls, who wants to help them get out of their situation and discover a new world. If I am a leader I lead by example, I make sure that I represent myself the way I want my girls to represent themselves. I work hard to show them that it’s okay to be vulnerable, its okay to be quirky, and most importantly its okay to be you. I was placed here to be a motivation to young girls to dig deep within themselves to find that seed that was planted by the man above. I want to help them find that seed so I can teach them how to nurture it, water it, and yield a harvest that will allow them to bless others with their gift. That is what is means to be exactly who you #Wantabe, and that is what we strive to do at The Wantabes.


Q: What is your organization, profession or business?

A: The Wantabes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that strives to help Progressive Teen Girls become exactly who they #Wantabe. We like to do that through the most powerful tool available and that is exposure. We strive to expose teen girls to new things, new ideals, new perspectives, and new options to show and inspire them to become exactly who they #wantabe. The Wantabes came out of a place of frustration and depression. I graduated high school early, graduated college with my bachelors and maintained a 3.5 or higher always on the deans list. I completed many internships successfully, and when I graduated college I found myself feeling extremely lost and fell into a deep depression. It stemmed from feeling like I’d done everything society told me would lead me to success and I was not seeing the benefits. I felt lost and confused, I felt betrayed by the world, and set up by the glossy photos I so often scrolled through on Instagram. As I thought back on my past one day while sitting in a book store I wrote out all of my emotions, my thoughts, my feelings, and I spoke to a younger me. I wish that I had mentors, that I had guidance outside of my mother who pushed me hard, I wish that I had after school programs other than sports that actually dived into the things I felt were interesting. I wish that I had the opportunity to explore different careers paths and decided from a young age whether it was for me or not. I wish that I’d been exposed to different cultures, different walks of life, different museums, music, travel, culture, and foods to broaden my perspective on life. So after writing it all out I decided I would start a business that provided programming exactly like that and I would call it The Wantabes for all of the teen girls trying to find out exactly who they #wantabe. We would provide resources and tools to guide them through their time of discovery and grant them freedom to explore through our dynamic programming.


Q: What gives you the motivation to do what you do?Who and what inspires you?

A: There is a quote that motivates me daily. It is, “There is only one you; no one can do it like you. God created everyone on this earth to be unique, the only thing we all share in his image is the concept of love. Love yourself enough to be exactly who God created you to be and that’s you.“ I used to suffer from something that I liked to call Hardcore Comparison Syndrome. I would compare myself to everyone; all my successes were never enough because there was always someone else who accomplished more, my ambition was never enough because there was always someone working harder. I was just really hard on myself and once I started to really embrace who I was I finally started to see that there is no one like me. I am at my best when I am being me. I do not have to pretend, I do not have to hide, I can be vulnerable enough to show my flaws and still be loved. I have truly learned that you first have to love yourself completely before you can do anything at your best, you have to believe that you deserve the best and just because she is winning does not mean your losing. Everyone has his or her own journey and there is no need to compare. Be grateful, always stay working towards better, and take time to enjoy the moments. My biggest inspiration lately has been all of the #BlackGirlMagic going on these days. To be black is to be magical right now. We are winning in so many ways. As I scroll through Facebook and as I scroll through Instagram, I am forever inspired by all of my fellow sisters winning, we deserve so much, we work so hard and I am glad that we are finally getting the attention we have forever deserved. We influence so many things, the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we do our hair, our flamboyant style, we are what is it and I am loving all of it.


Q:  What is some advice you can give to women reading this interview?

A: Don’t be afraid to fail. Fail hard and fail often. Keep trying. Try every avenue you know, go down every alley, open every door, walk down every path until you reach your goal, your dream, your vision. It is yours to have if you just keep pushing even if you can not see what is going on, even if you are unsure if it is the right way, let the world move out the way and clear the path for you. Keep pushing and always remember the way you think determines who you will become. We are merely just a reflection of the thoughts that are running through our heads. Change your thoughts, speak positivity over yourself, your situation, think good thoughts, spread love, and you will see it returned to you ten fold. Every thought is a cause and every condition an effect. You are responsible for your destiny.


Q: Where can my readers find you?

A: I travel the country speaking to teen girls as well, sharing my story, my experiences, and drawing more girls into The Wantabe programs. You may find The Wantabes at www.thewantabes.com or @thewantabes on Instagram, and me personally at http://www.kreashawilliams.com or @kreashawilliams on Instagram.


Wasn’t that inspiring?! Check out more of Kreasha’s nonprofit organization, The Wantabes, and her social media handles.

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God bless,



47 Replies to “Woman of the Month: Kreasha Williams”

  1. Love the interview especially the advice “don’t be afraid to fail”- you are most definitely going to fail, it’s how we learn. getting up, moving on and improving from your failures is what makes youu!


  2. This is an amazing interview. I love the truth in “There’s Only One You”. I need to be reminded of that so I don’t fall into the comparison trap!

    Much love,
    Ashley | dearash.com


  3. Great interview! ‘Don’t be afraid to fail. Fail hard and fail often. Keep trying..’ That whole paragraph is something I’ve been needing to hear!


  4. This completely resonated with me because I too came out of uni feeling lost, I was sick, depressed and anxious and felt like real life was not how I pictured it would be like now. Now I know that I am on the right path and I learned through making mistakes. I like how you said you should not be afraid to fail x


  5. I love the reminder that God created us to be uniquely us. So easy to forget but so important to remember!


  6. Loved getting to know Kay and her heart for the Lord. I think it’s incredibly brave and a beautiful thing for women to travel across the country, empowering and speaking life into these young teen girls.


  7. What a great interview! definitely looking more into your nonprofit.


  8. What an amazing young lady! I love her message of empowerment. I love the idea of “there is only one you.”


  9. I didnt know such organizations exist exclusively for teenagers. it is a very good initiative to build self confidence and really explore the best in you!


  10. Her program sounds absolutely amazing and so encouraging. I could have used something like that when I was growing up.
    I love that you do this series and that I can learn more about empowering women! So amazing!


  11. This is such a wonderful series! The women you’ve featured are all so inspiring, each in their own way. I especially love that she’s conscious of her thoughts and that she speaks highly of herself .. to herself!


  12. Such an inspirational story. I love that part about being yourself and not comparing yourself to others. I feel like this is such an important lesson for young females, who are pretty much in the prime of their lives when it comes to comparisons. I honestly believe there is so much value in learning from others and those you see as successful, but that doesn’t mean there is a need to replicate or be like them.


  13. What a lovely interview, Kreasha sounds like such an inspiring and interesting woman x


  14. Great interview right here!! This program sounds amazing as of kids/teens these days need a direction and a good influence!


  15. Wow this is an amazing interview! Dont be afraid to fail for we are just a human that can make mistakes.


  16. What an incredible young woman. Thank you for sharing her story. These are the kinds of things I love to share with my children to let them know what an impact they can have if they just decide to pursue helping others to see who God created the to be. Very empowering for sure!


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