Woman of the Month: Michelle Olomojobi

So excited to be featuring another awesome woman this month!

This #GirlBoss is someone who I’ve known for a very long time, and someone who’s drive and creativity is electrifying. She is the owner of LLULO as seen online, in magazines features, and worn by influencers. I am so happy for her and proud of her success with this brand, so without further delay,

Introducing, Michelle Olomojobi:




Q: Give us your name, and tell us 3 words that describe you and why.

A: Hi, My name is Michelle Olomojobi and 3 words that describe me are innovative, ambitious, and passionate.



I love seeing things in a new light. I strive to make things unique and one of a kind. Creating new things truly makes me happy.



When God gives me a vision, I write it down. I work out those visions and God always helps them come to life. I always say I’m pushing when people ask me how I am. There’s always a task to complete or an idea i’m working on!



I am a passionate person and I have always been. From the way I act, to the way I run LLULO. When I love something or someone, I really love!




Q: What do you feel you are here in the world to do?

A: I believe I was created to create! I love creating ways for people to see things in a new light. I also believe at the right time, God will reveal why he put me on this path. It’s been beautiful so far!


View More: http://deunivory.pass.us/fortheloveofdenim


Q: What is your organization, profession or business?

A: The name of my brand is LLULO. It is an African inspired brand that has home decor, accessories, and clothing.




Q: What gives you the motivation to do what you do? Who and what inspires you?

A: I love creating new things! That motivates me the most.

Who an what Inspires me?

My family is one of my biggest inspirations! I am also inspired by the things and people around me. Some of my closest friends are creators and artists.


Q: What is some advice you can give to women reading this interview?

A: Believe and have faith. NEVER give up. My belief in Christ has gotten me through so many hard times. From failed fabric printing companies to $0 sales, my faith and beliefs are things that will never fail.


View More: http://deunivory.pass.us/fortheloveofdenimView More: http://deunivory.pass.us/fortheloveofdenim


Q: Where can my readers find you?

A: They can find me on www.llulo.com or

instagram :@Llulo

pinterest: @lluloinfo

twitter:  @lluloinfo


All photos besides the hat and pillows were taken by Deun Ivory and Eric Michael Ward.


Michelle’s story of faith and resilience is so powerful and encouraging! I’m so excited to see where God takes her brand and her influence. Make sure you check out her awesome products!! (Aren’t they so bomb!??)


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God bless,




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