Woman of the Month: Leslie Harrison

I am so excited to be starting my new women’s empowerment series on my blog entitled, “Watch Week.”

Each month I will be showcasing a woman who I feel is motivational, inspiring and watch-worthy. This first young lady is a sweet young woman I met in Houston,TX at my local church. She has launched her own natural skincare line (which I have tried & love!) called Simonne Rose. If you have been following this blog for awhile, you know how much I love natural products, so I knew I had to find a way to feature her and her brand on my site.

I’m all for supporting women who are doing great things and pursuing their purpose, so without further delay, introducing business owner Leslie Harrison of Simonne Rose:




Q: Give us your name, and tell us 3 words that describe you and why.

A: My name is Leslie Harrison. Three words that describe me are creative, determined, and compassionate.

Creative – From a very young age around 6 or 7 years old, I loved designing and making my own jewelry. Hobby Lobby has always been my go to shopping destination ☺.  I have always felt most at peace when creating with my hands, whether it’s painting a scenic view or embellishing a garment that needed a little more excitement.

Determined –  Thinking outside of the box to overcome a setback or to accomplish a goal has always been my strong suit. As frustrating and daunting a situation may be, I allow myself time to get past the disappointment, evaluate the situation, and apply what I have learned to reach my goal. Ultimately the end result is in God’s hands.

Compassionate – Although our world is more connected than ever thanks to social media, I believe we are losing the ability to connect with people on a deeper level. Knowing this, whether it is an opportunity to volunteer locally, or just having a one on one lunch outing with a co-worker (minus my phone), I love to understand and encourage the people around me.




Q: What do you feel you are here in the world to do?

A: “Begin with the End in Mind”, from the book 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, by Stephen Covey, is often at the forefront of my mind. As the youngest child, I often found myself trying to fit the mold of my parents and siblings, and discrediting my natural God given talents. After taking a deeper look within myself and the legacy I wish to leave on this earth, I was finally able to link my passion and purpose to help others build their confidence, while having fun doing so.




Q: What is your organization, profession or business?

A: Simonne Rose is my natural skincare line. I am hands on with the entire process from formulating the products to creating the business cards, to setting up my website.



Q: What gives you the motivation to do what you do? Who and what inspires you?

A: Creating a positive influence and/or change in someone’s life gives me the motivation to keep going. I try to stay mindful of how my interactions with others will have an influence on their day, hopefully, for the positive. My parents are entrepreneurs and inspire me to never set limits on my accomplishments and goals.



Q: What is some advice you can give to women reading this interview?

A: Never allow a setback or bad decision have a lasting negative effect on how you view yourself. You should always analyze the situation and understand your faults and errors making decisions to better learn from them. As cliché as it may sound you can truly accomplish anything you want, with hard work and dedication. Also, never stop learning. There are so many free learning opportunities available (edx.org), you just have to set aside the distractions and be willing to grow.

Q: Where can my readers find you?

A: Readers can find me on my social media outlets and website.


Facebook- @SimonneRoseNatural

Instagram- @SimonneRose


I hope you all enjoyed learning about Leslie and her brand. I have used her products and I absolutely love them (especially the smell!). Support her brand and treat yourself to some of her lovely and healthy skincare products.


Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this like, comment and subscribe.


God bless,

12 Replies to “Woman of the Month: Leslie Harrison”

  1. I’ve never heard of this skincare line before but now I totally want to check it out!


  2. I love her focus on learning as well as compassion. Both are such important values. Thanks for sharing!


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