Vegan Meals: What I ate Today

Today I will be sharing with you guys a vegan meal that you can easily prepare and cook at home. I am now vegan due to health reasons, so I will be updating you guys on vegan meals that I cook and enjoy at home.

Today, I’m sharing a dish of roasted gold potatoes with a red pepper sauce and vegetable medley:


To start off with, I washed and cut 1 red bell pepper into small pieces, and cut and diced half an onion. Then, I sautéed them together in a pan of oil on med-high heat until the onions turned a nice carmel color, and added some salt and pepper for taste.


On the stove next to the sauteed veggies, I boiled about 3 crowns of cut broccoli in a pot of water over med-high heat. Once the broccoli was tender, I drained the water and added it to the sauteed mix.


Once my vegetable medley was done cooking, I prepared and cooked my seasoned potatoes side dish. Check out my recipe for this side dish HERE.


Once the potatoes were done coking, I heated my spicy red pepper sauce in a medium sized saucepan, and drizzled it on top of my potatoes for added flavor and a spicy kick.




And there you have it! This dish took about 20 minutes to cook and prepare. You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this dish! Try it out and enjoy it with a meat dish if you’d like. I love posting my healthy food options and hearing the feedback in the comments section on the healthy meals you guys like to eat. Let me know some of your favorite healthy meals down below!


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God bless,


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