#TechTuesdays: How to Take the Perfect Photo

Today I’ll be sharing with you guys how to take the perfect photo.

I take photos using both my Iphone 6S and my Nikon D3100 camera, so in this post, I’ll be showing you how to take the perfect photo using your smartphone.

Let’s get started:



Tip #1. Lighting

Lighting, lighting, lighting!

This is the most important thing to me when trying to get the perfect photo.  Lighting can make or break a photo in my opinion, so I always try to use natural light because it is the best light source.

If you look on my Instagram feed @CrystalNgumezi, you can see that a lot of my photos were taken using natural lighting:






When I am unable to use natural lighting as my light source, I look for white light. Using lamps and other sources of light help when trying to take photos indoors. Also, use various sources of light in different angles to help supply the right amount of light you need for your photo. I typically do this when I take photos inside my house or in other venues.


Tip #2. Angles

Ah yes, it’s all about the angles.

I personally love taking landscape photos because I simply appreciate nature. When taking photos, it is important to take into consideration what it is you are taking a picture of. I know this sounds elementary, but it helps in determining  what orientation and angle to use when taking your photo.

What I mean by this is that if you are taking a landscape photo, you want to make sure your angles match the natural orientation of the ground. You want your photo to be straight and to show the full image of what you’re capturing. In doing this, you will know how far to step forward or backward, how low or high to angle your camera, and in what direction from the sun or light source you want to be facing. All of these checks help in ensuring you capture the perfect shot.

Here are some examples of different shots I’ve taken using these techniques:




Tip #3. Lens/Resolution

I’m really big on resolution, this is why I use different cameras for different functions. Since I’m sharing this post for smart phone users, I use the Iphone 6S camera for all my smartphone shots.

If you have a different kind of phone, that’s totally fine, I just personally prefer using #TeamIPhone.

When it comes to using your phone for taking pictures, always make sure your lens is clean. Yes, this is actually a thing. You’d be surprised of the difference it makes in your photos when your lens is clean.

Different cameras on different phones have different picture quality capabilities, so if you’re into this kind of thing, check out the stats on your phone camera. This will help you to know the best types of photos to take with your phone.

For example, when I take certain “selfies” using my Iphone, I prefer using the standard camera mode to take them because the resolution and the picture quality is much better than the front-facing mode (“selfie- mode”). Yes, it’s much harder to take a picture of yourself without seeing it, but you learn how to make it work.



By the way, for my picture-taking lovers, Target has some great gadgets and accessories for your phone or DLSR camera needs. I love shopping at Target because they often offer free shipping online and in-store deals and coupons found on their website:








So there you have it folks, my top 3 tips on how to take the perfect photo. Hope my tips help you get that perfect shot!

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For more info on photo editing related tips and tricks, LOG IN HERE.




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God bless,


13 Replies to “#TechTuesdays: How to Take the Perfect Photo”

  1. I need to really focus on my photo taking abilities and this article really does give me some great tips to follow. Before I dive into deep, though, I do plan on acquiring a new camera. Hopefully that will be under the tree for me this year.


  2. Oh my gosh, amen to lighting! My house has horrible interior lighting and it’s so hard to take blog photos, I almost always have to go outside, which is not pleasant to do in cold weather, lol.


  3. Great tips! You take beautiful photos! I’m still learning and I love all the tips you shared. I’m team iphone too 😉


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