Thanksgiving: The Spirit of Thanks

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

In the spirit of giving thanks this year, I want to use this post to offer my thanks to all the friends and family members who have supported me thus far. I truly appreciate everyone’s generous spirit.


As you cut the turkey and dig in on the stuffing and sides today, I want you to think about what Thanksgiving means to you. Is it just about the food for you? Or does this holiday offer something else?


For me, this holiday gives me a moment to rest and think back on how I got here. Thanksgiving holiday reminds me that the year is almost over, and that another year is upon us.


3 Things I Love about Thanksgiving:


  • Tells me that the year is ending.

For my workaholics out there, you know what I mean by this statement.

Sometimes I get so caught up in the work machine that I forget the days. I’m a planner by nature, so I’m always planning my week ahead of time and making sure I’m consistently staying productive and on task day-to-day. Thanksgiving gives me a reminder that the year is approaching its end.


  • I get to eat!

Who doesn’t enjoy eating??

What a blessing it is to have a surplus of food, something we all probably take for granted. I absolutely enjoy eating different kinds of food, and Thanksgiving gives me the opportunity to eat what I want, without the criticism.

So enjoy the Thanksgiving feast at your family’s house or your friend’s place. Have a great time enjoying company and friends, remembering what a blessing it is to have such.

We must not take this holiday for granted; many of us are blessed beyond measure, and we must always stay grateful for food, family and friends this year.


  • I get to enjoy time with others.

Again, if you are apart of the workaholic crew (like myself), then you will find this holiday meaningful for the opportunity it offers to spend time with others.

Quality time is so valuable and this holiday gives you the chance and opportunity to embrace it. If you’re unable to make it to your family this year, try spending the holiday with your friends or members from your church. We all can find a place of comfort that will enable us the opportunity to see others.

Spending time with a charity this Thanksgiving holiday is another great way to spend your time with others. The things we often take for granted are the very things others are grateful for. Spending time with those in the community who are often neglected during this time will bless you in more ways than one.



That’s my take on this Thanksgiving holiday and the spirit of thanks. I’m truly thankful for the days God has given me and am looking forward to even better days ahead.

What are some of the things you guys are looking forward to this Thanksgiving holiday? Comment below or let me know on social media @crystalngumezi.



Thanks for reading. Have a blessed one!




God bless,


4 Replies to “Thanksgiving: The Spirit of Thanks”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! These are great things to stop and be thankful for. I try to be very intentional with stopping and truly appreciating the fact that I have food and shelter and clothing. Big blessings!

    Emily Lindsey |


  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for writing such a positive post 🙂 as much as I don’t like winter, I love this time of year with all the happy festivities and family time 🙂


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