Get Fit Mondays

Today I’m continuing my healthy series and talking about fitness and nutrition.

As you weight train and shed those pounds in the gym, you want to also maintain and balance your diet.

I’m no nutritionist, but I’ve always lived an a active lifestyle and thought carefully about my nutritional diet, so hopefully these tips workout for you!

Let’s get started:


1. Power Bars



Power bars can be used before, during, or after your workout. The benefits of power bars is that they help you to maintain a balanced diet and improve your nutritional intake.

You can use power bars as a snack in between meals to gain healthy weight, or you can use them to supplement meals if you’re trying to loose weight.

As someone who supports healthy eating, I highly encourage those of you trying to increase your calorie intake in order to gain weight, to try healthier options like this to keep your body performing optimally.

Power bars give you energy, they’re high in fiber, and they typically have a high shelf life. Just remember to drink lots of water!



“PowerBar PowerBars – 12 Bars, Chocolate “

“The Highest Quality Energy Bars In The World!”

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2. Protein



Protein provides the body with amino acids needed to rebuild and repair muscles. Protein also helps your immune system, and is great for your hair, nails and skin.

You can choose from several different flavors of protein to make protein shakes or smoothies.

For those of you like myself who can’t process lactose, Designer Whey products are 98% lactose free!



“Designer Protein Designer Protein – 2 Lbs., Strawberry “

“Great Tasting Whey Protein, Research Proven Results! “

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3. Daily Vitamins



Our parents always told us to take our daily vitamins – they were on to something!

Giving our bodies the proper vitamins it needs to stay healthy is vitally important. Intaking calories is great, but we need to also intake our daily vitamins.

Vitamin supplements help with any imbalance caused by your daily diet. If you need specifics on which vitamins and minerals your body needs, seek a professional nutritionist or family doctor.

I know for me, I take vitamin C daily to support my immune system, and vitamin B12 for energy. I sometimes take fish oil supplements as well to help ease sore muscles after an intense workout.



“Nature’s Plus Vitamin C 1000 w/Rose Hips – 90 Tablets”

“Sustained Release Vitamin C!”

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There are many ways to stay healthy and active, but we can’t forget to put good in. To see the best results from any workout or dietary plan, do your research and find out what works best for you.


Thanks for reading; catch back up with me Thursday and connect with me on all social media platforms @crystalngumezi.


Hope these tips help you stay balanced and healthy!




God bless, – Lose Fat, Gain Muscle!

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