Austin Justice Coalition

In Austin looking for a great grassroots organization to be apart of?

The Austin Justice Coalition is that organization.


This organization is a “grassroots, activist-led organization addressing criminal justice reform at the local level.”

I was introduced to the organization during the march for Sandra Bland, led and organized by Austin Justice Coalition held on July 13, 2016. I was moved and led to become apart of the organization because we share a common goal, and that is to create a true community of fair and accurate policing.

The organization is dedicated and committed to developing a community policing model, working with elected officials on community issues, and ensuring the use and implementation of police body cameras.

You can check out more of The Austin Justice Coalition by visiting their website and Facebook page:

Austin Justice Coalition 

Austin Justice Coalition Facebook Page


8e9adf_f780afc3385e443ba0dab358feb3fb81Not living in Austin but looking to support? You can support the organization here:

ATX Justice Go Fund Me




Thanks for reading.


God bless,

Crystal Ngumezi

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