How to Create Your Own Website

Hi guys.

So this post came to mind and I thought it would be helpful to generate a “how to” on creating your own website.

Now this website,, came to my mind about 2 years ago. The way this site was birthed was quite out of the ordinary.


I was introduced to creating my own website by the owner of a hair company in Dallas, TX. We had a short conversation and he was talking about branding yourself. That conversation sparked the idea for me to create my own website where I could brand myself and post topics that interested me- and wala– a site was born.

So my first tip for creating your own website is quite simple:

1. Know what you want your site to be about

As I stated earlier, I wanted my website to be a hub of information where I could market myself (my resume) and post related content that I thought my readers might enjoy (i.e. travel posts, career related posts, events, etc.).

Once you have an idea of what you want your specific website to be about, the next tip is even simpler:

2. Get started and do it!

I know the thought and idea of creating your own website can be overwhelming, but you have to just do it. I know that sounds cliche but it’s true.

Once I had the idea to start my own site, I brainstormed a little bit about the layout in my head, then I created a WordPress account and got started.

If you are looking for free template based sites where you can create a website until you get comfortable enough with the program settings to establish your own domain, here are a few sites you may find helpful:




When I was an undergrad I had a fashion blog on Blogspot/Blogger. This was my introduction to site creation and maintenance.

I created that site just for fun as a creative outlet while I studied mechanical engineering, but it introduced me to creating a website/blog and the different functionalities associated with website domains.

My next tip goes as followed:

3. Research other blogs/websites to gain inspiration

Creating your own website can be daunting. What I like to do is research other blogs and websites that I find visually appealing and use those templates as inspiration for my own blog ideas.

For example, maybe you like the name of someone else’s blog, or their menu template, or their layout style. Use these things as inspiration for ideas on your own website or blog.

I’m not endorsing copying, but there is no problem with inspiration being used to promote the creation of your own specific ideas. Originality is key!

If this is your first time creating your own website, I would encourage you to reach out to family and friends for tips, advice, and feedback:

4. Get feedback from those you trust

When I first created this site, I asked my close friends and family for feedback. You always want to ensure that what you put out there is being received well.

Not everyone has to approve of your ideas, but the insight from those whose opinions you respect and trust can do wonders for your site.

And lastly:

5. Be open to change and new ideas

I never knew the opportunities this site would bring my way, but that is one of the reasons why I created it. To put myself out there and to hopefully help and inspire others to do the same.

Because of this site, I’m now a writer on and I’ve created a separate blog for ministry, Life Love and Inspiration Blog.

I’m no expert, but I hope these tips help those of you who were thinking of creating your own site or those of you who were interested in getting started in blogging.

For any further questions, feel free to comment below or email me.I would love to help.

Thanks for reading!


God bless,

Crystal Ngumezi






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