Graffiti Park at Castle Hill

Hey guys,

I hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July weekend!

I decided to take my Nikon camera for a spin this week and headed out to Graffiti Park in Austin, TX to take a few shots.

I have absolutely fallen in love with the city of Austin and I can’t wait to share with you guys all the photos I was able to take on this little adventure.

Graffiti Park at Castle Hill is absolutely breathtaking. The art, the culture, and the imagery alike are all worth seeing.

File_000 (13)

The awesome park of painted art sits right at the top of Castle Hill.

File_000 (2)File_000 (6)

Artists from all over the city have added their unique custom art to these walls.

File_000 (15)File_000 (7)File_000 (10)

At Graffiti Park you will see many visitors taking photos, creating, and viewing the artistically painted walls on display.

File_000 (14)File_000 (4)File_000 (12)

The artists’ attention to detail is immaculate.

File_000File_000 (9)File_000 (1)

The cool thing about this outdoor art gallery is that you can add to the creation with your own spray painted art. How cool is that?!

File_000 (8)

You are also able to hike along the side trails of the painted walls to the top of Castle Hill for an even more amazing view of the city.

File_000 (11)


My pictures alone could not grasp the beauty of this place, but I did my best to give a you a vivid snapshot of the park’s glory.


Thanks for reading and stopping by!


God bless,

Crystal Ngumezi

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