My Summer Reading List

This post was brought about by a friend of mine who inquired about the list of books I planned on reading this summer.

Another woman in business, Tiffany Williams; check her out on LinkedIn.

So my summer reading list goes as followed:

  1. Produced by Faith, by DeVon Franklin
  2. The 5 Love Languages, by Gary Chapman
  3. The Goal, by Eliyahu M. Goldratt

51DjnaVSntLI started off reading Produced by Faith, (a book I’ve been looking forward to reading for a long time), due to the fact that like DeVon, I am someone of faith pursuing a career in the business world. I was intrigued by the idea that a man of faith, who has gained notoriety and success in Hollywood, was able to maintain and uphold his faith in God while pursuing his career. His life and his life practices have inspired me.

I have enjoyed reading the book and I admire how he was able to stick to his commitments to God and stand on his faith-based principles, despite the pressures to succumb to temptation, pride, and ego. Through DeVon’s life experiences written in the book, he shows that you can be a successful Christian and a successful professional.


5LoveLanguagesMain.pngMy next read, The 5 Love Languages, may come as a surprise. This book was not bought by accident.

As a single person, I always find it interesting to read books about the next chapters of life. Be that owning a business, having a successful marriage, or raising children. I find it extremely important to take the next steps necessary to prepare you for what you want next out of life. Choosing a good book is a good first step.



the-goal (1)The Goal is a book that was recommended to me by a current graduate student in the field of study I plan to pursue. This is a very popular book in business school programs across the country, and I thought it would be fitting to get a good head start on reading it.

I plan on finishing out my summer reading with this one.




Hope I sparked your interest in reading a few good books this summer.

I love getting book suggestions from people so if you have any in mind I should check out, leave me a comment below or contact me through any of my contact portals.


Thanks for reading!

God bless,

Crystal Ngumezi

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