Trip Advisor: San Juan, Puerto Rico

As promised, here is another post to my trip adviser travel section.

In the summer of 2014, I traveled with friends to San Juan, Puerto Rico for vacation. We had an amazing time! The food was great, the people were gracious, and the memories were priceless.


We stayed in San Juan, Puerto Rico which is Puerto Rico’s capital. Puerto Rico has other great cities such as Bayamon, Carolina, and Ponce. If you are into exploring a major city and hitting popular tourist spots, San Juan is the way to go. If you want a more secluded and intimate vacation, try some of the other Puerto Rican cities mentioned.


My most memorable moments in Puerto Rico were eating the food! Puerto Rican food is fresh and amazing. There are many great restaurants in the area (Yelp will be your best friend). Places we dined at that I would recommend are Casita Miramar, Punto De Vista, and Pinky’s. A must eat dish I would recommend would be the popular Puerto Rican dish- mofongo.



Puerto Rico has endless adventurous activities. It’s great for outdoor activities such as zip-lining, hiking, 4-wheel racing through the El Yunque National Forest, snorkeling, and other great activities. I’d recommend Ecoquest Adventures for organizing your adventure and tour plans.



Puerto Rican beaches are beautiful. San Juan has many great beaches such as Condado Beach, Ocean Park Beach, and Isla Verde Beach.

Despite what Puerto Rico is currently going through fighting to restructure,  for anyone who was interested in traveling to this great Caribbean island, I hope this helps!

Travel safe.

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