Trip Advisor: Los Angeles, CA

I love to travel and I’ve been thinking about adding a trip adviser section to my blog. This will serve as a quick guide for those of you who are interested in traveling to the places I mention. I will post current and past travel trips-both domestic and international-and share my advice on lodging, on site travel, restaurants, and leisure activities.

This past week I traveled to Los Angeles, CA.


I typically fly American Airlines, United, or Southwest. They have affordable rates and comfortable seating. If you travel often I suggest joining the membership club to the airline you travel with the most to gain frequent flyer miles and perks. Airline websites I would suggest are Expedia, Priceline, and Kayak. Good days to buy your plane ticket are Tuesdays and on the weekend (preferably 3 weeks in advance).



If you plan on staying in a hotel or house during your visit, areas I would suggest are Central LA near downtown or West LA. These areas put you in close proximity to various locations for site seeing, shopping, and restaurants.


If you plan to stay for an extended time in LA I would suggest renting a vehicle. If you are planning a short visit, Uber is definitely the way to go!


LA has so many great restaurants and dining areas. You are bound to find something for your enjoyment! Here are just a few of the places I would recommend: Natelee Thai, Kitchen24, Trejo’s Tacos, Honey’s Kettle, Simple Things, Katana, Susie Cakes, SK’s Donuts



LA has a lot of great shopping areas and districts. Shopping areas I would suggest are Rodeo drive, The Groove, and The Beverly Center. You are sure to find something you like at any one of these locations.



If you are into lounging around at the beach, or exercising and riding your bike, the beaches I would suggest are Venice Beach, Muscle Beach, and Santa Monica Beach. Venice beach has great bike rentals and you are sure to have a great time.


IMG_2316IMG_2313 (1)IMG_2330IMG_2355

For those of you who love a great adventure like I do, parks with great hiking trails I would suggest are Griffith and Runyon Canyon Park. The view from the mountains at these parks are breathe-taking.


This completes my recommendations for Los Angeles, CA.

Hope this helps! Travel safe.


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