Finding Your Purpose

what_on_earth_graphicRecently, I’ve been exploring the concept of “Finding Your Purpose.” There are many books written on this concept as well as many speeches and sermons that address this topic. A really good book by Rick Warren, “What on Earth am I Here For,” also touches on this point. However, I wanted to offer a few suggestions to those of you exploring finding your purpose:

1. Get Involved– Get involved in your communities by volunteering, becoming big a brother or big sister, or by just becoming active in your church or social organization group. Here are some helpful links:

Volunteers of America

Big Brother Big Sister

2. Find Your Gifts/Talents– Find things that make you happy and do them. Take a vacation, travel, or pick up a hobby. Take the time to figure out your gifts if you don’t already know them, and use them. Need help? Try the tips explained here:

10 Ways to Discover Your Gifts

3. Become Connected with your Spirituality– This suggestion lies in connection with the previous tips. Get to know God for yourself and not for anyone else. Build a personal relationship with him, talk out loud to him, read the Bible, and pray. Scared to do this alone? Find a church group or friend and ask them to help you through your journey.

To live life is to experience life. What are you living for?

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