College Student Looking for Internship Opportunities?

internI recently was asked for advice on helping a friend’s relative find internships as a college student. This question sparked an interesting topic in my mind, and led me to write this post. For those of you who are college students, or know of a college student interested in internship opportunities, I wrote this for you:

  • I was introduced to organizations, which offer and support this very thing, early on in my undergraduate career. Actually, in high school I was introduced to the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and later joined the organization my freshman year of college. To join this organization, you don’t necessarily have to be black or an engineer, however, this organization is catered to minorities with professional interests in engineering. My first internship with NSBE as a sophomore in college was with the Dow Chemical Company. This first opportunity gave me an advantage and helped me get future opportunities in the field of engineering. NSBE is a great organization to join for those of you in college, as well as for those of you who have graduated and would like aid in finding jobs or internships in this field or related fields.
  • Another organization I was introduced to in college was INROADS. This organization is also catered to helping minorities with professional development and career placement. As a member of INROADS, I interned with Pratt & Whitney of UTC as a junior in college. This organization helped me with professional training and preparation for corporate America. My last recommendation for college students would be to join campus organizations  that relate to your educational and professional interests.

These organizations are designed to help you gain access to avenues in the fields of study you are pursuing. Hope this helps!

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