1:1 Business Coaching Program

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Hey Visionary!

I See You

I see you working hard, imagining what your life could look like if you stepped out on FAITH…

You Are

Working a comfortable job that doesn’t fulfill your purpose…

Feeling like there’s more to your life than your current situation…

Looking for ways to turn your ideas and passions into a lucrative business.

Struggling to rebuild a failing or stagnant small business…

I know exactly what you’re thinking and what you’re going through because not too long ago,  I WAS you.

Hi I’m Crystal,

I graduated in 2013 top of my class with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, worked for Corporate America in the engineering field for 4 years, managed men and women twice my age in shop operations, supply chain and logistics, all while climbing the corporate ladder working for Fortune 500 companies…

And Guess What?

I Was Miserable…

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“When I first started working with Crystal, I did a free [Discovery Call] and I was just amazed at the amount of information I received in just [a few] minutes. After that I scheduled another [session] and what really stood out to me, and set her apart from any other consult I had, was the time and effort that she put in. She put together a plan that was specifically based on my personal brand and the things I had expressed that I wanted to work on. She let me know what I needed to do to improve, and what options I could use to get my blog out there. One thing that I really appreciated was the fact that she followed up with me throughout the week and held me accountable for the things previously discussed. A lot of people keep all the information to themselves, but Crystal has a passion for sharing what she has learned and genuinely just wants everyone to be great! Since working with Crystal I have noticed a major change in my brand and website views, it has also helped me to manage my time and see the importance of making time for building and expanding my brand each and everyday. I’m so happy that I stepped out on faith and signed up… I’m blessed to have met her, and plan to continue working with her in the future.”

– Kayla Nimer, Poet, Writer, Entrepreneur (@ayeeprettyblack)


I Was Miserable Because…

  • I worked all the time, but still felt empty on the inside.
  • I didn’t feel like my job was challenging me enough for what I was really called to do.
  • I knew there was more to life, but I just didn’t know how to find it… what to do… or how to get started.

Sound Familiar?

I knew I was meant for more, but I just didn’t know what that more was…

So, I got desperate…

I tried to find other jobs in the market, applying for endless career opportunities…But nothing new happened.

So, I started feeding into negative behaviors and patterns, living on the edge of life just to get by mentally… Chasing material things that could never fulfill me, only to end up feeling even more empty on the inside.

I was  looking for an escape.

Want to Know What Happened Next?

I fell into a deep depression, anxiety, and battled suicidal thoughts…


Trust Me,

I know exactly what it feels like to live on the outside of purpose, but trust me, YOU DON’T HAVE TO STAY THERE!

So I Took A Leap Of Faith, Trusted in God, And Pursued Purpose!

And honestly,

  • Pursuing purpose changed my life.
  • Pursuing purpose gave me a reason to live.
  • Pursuing purpose turned my depression into a testimony, and my negative past into a relatable story that others can now connect to…

Breyonna Pinkney (2)

“Crystal was an amazing mentor and business consultant, Her sessions were very organized and packed with information. Our sessions focused on structure within my team and finances. Not only did she explain to me what I needed to do to advance my non profit but clear steps and resources that could help me to achieve my goals. Since our sessions I have restructured my teams, organized my finances and reached out to organizations for funding and sponsorship.  I will definitely [work] with crystal again!!!”

-Breyonna PInkney, Founder, The Pinkney Promise Foundation (@Breyonna.pinkney, @PinkneyPromiseFoundation)




Fast Forward to Now

  • I have completely redesigned my life, fueling my passions for fashion, photography, business, and helping people, by becoming an entrepreneur and CEO at the age of 24.
  • I built my Instagram Brand from the ground up in 2016 (@crystalngumezi), which now reaches over 23,000+ online followers.
  • I started a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization for underserved young girls that supplies free female mentorship and professional etiquette training to young women in multiple cities across the state of Texas, with over 7,000+ online supporters, and corporate supporters such as Walmart, Microsoft, Dell and The Boys and Girl’s Club (www.p31women.org).
  • As a Content Creator, I have worked with brands such as Dove, Clinique, Clairol, Steve Madden, and Intel, just to name a few, traveled domestically and internationally for brand work, and am able to make money online supporting my independent lifestyle as an Online Creator and Entrepreneur.
  • Through branding on Social Media, I’ve been able to help countless men and women across the country start and launch their own businesses, build their own brands, and pursue purpose through brand consulting, business coaching, mentorship, online courses and self-published E-Books.
  • I am now an advocate for mental health education, and a firm believer in the goodness of God through Christ, sharing my testimony across my online platforms and in person at events across the state through public speaking.


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“Crystal has been mentoring me in over 2 months now, I am so blessed to have been introduced to her through the online world and now having the opportunity to work with her one on one in our bi monthly sessions. She has motivated me, inspired me, and helped me tremendously in helping to plan and bring to life my dream of being an online boutique owner. Her experience and knowledge is exactly what I need as I build my brand and business and I look forward to the magic that will be continued to be made thanks to her guidance!”

– Shanae Kidd, Lifestyle Blogger & (future) Owner of Girl Hi Boutique (@shanaekidd)




I’m Here to Help You

  • Tap into your purpose through one-on-one mentorship and personal development
  • Turn your passions into a sustainable business through vigorous and strategic business coaching and brand development
  • Step out of FEAR and step into FAITH!
  • Realize your true potential through dynamic personal sessions geared towards helping you see your capabilities as a Leader, Creative, and Business Owner


And I Know, You Still Have Some Fears..

You are probably thinking,

  • Am I really ready for a change?
  • Do I really have what it takes to make my dreams become a reality?
  • Can I really live the life I see for myself?
  • Can you really help me?

Taking a leap of faith and stepping into destiny can be a very scary thing..

That’s Why I’m Here To Help Through:

  • UNDERSTANDING: I’ve been where you are. My coaching style isn’t intimidating or boring. I believe in positive reinforcement, true knowledge sharing, and helping you feel the most comfortable in your transition from thinking inside of the box to thinking outside of the box. Trust me, when we start working together, you will experience just that.
  • INTENTIONALITY: I only want to help you pull out and Achieve what I Know is on the inside of you! I will empower you to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN DREAMS! I will empower you to dig deeper within yourself, remove all of the false titles and ideologies your family, work and society have thrown on you, and help you STEP INTO YOUR DESTINY. I will teach you how to master the mindset of a successful person, step into your true calling as God has gifted you, and see life completely differently after you’re done working with me.
  • STRATEGY: I’m not your typical Millennial Business Coach.  I have a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the UT school system, over 9 years of professional experience working in corporate and for small businesses, first hand experience building my own brands from the ground up, experience with start ups, and experience leading teams and other business professionals towards success. I don’t just want to inspire you, I WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I will provide you with helpful, proven business strategies to expand your thinking and expose you to business resources created to help you become more efficient, more productive, and to think like a CEO. I will teach you everything you need to know about starting and launching your own brand and business from the ground up, proven to work in both the nonprofit and for-profit business industries. Once you learn the tips and tricks of the trade, you’ll be running on autopilot in no time.

IMG_3158 (1)

“Crystal tremendously helped my co-founder Khadijah and I by guiding us through the nonprofit incorporation process and helping us to get our tax-exempt status.  Crystal is well-versed in all things about nonprofit organizations and also helped us create partnership agreements. Thank you Crystal for helping us to get our official status as a 501(c)(3) and helping us create a toolkit to attract sponsorships and raise awareness about our nonprofit.”

– Marvellous Iheukwumere, Co-Founder, Gear ‘Em Up 501(c)(3) (@staymarvellous , @gear_emup)



“We are two sisters dedicated to uplifting other creative and career driven women through grace-filled inspiration.

Working with Crystal has been one of the best decisions we made for our brand. She helped us to define and refine our values to get Crystal-clear (pun intended =) ) on our target audience, their needs and how we can best position ourselves to meet those needs. Working with her was great because not only did we get a clearer picture of our business, we were also able to create processes that would ensure that we could implement what we were learning.”

– Amara and Chidera Nwaroh, Lifestyle Bloggers, Azarya Life&Style

So, if you know you were created for PURPOSE, and you’re absolutely READY for a change, then buckle up! Because when you invest in yourself, You Will Receive:

  • A personalized in-depth 1:1 coaching plan tailored to your exact life and business needs, for YOU to check-off on.
  • 6 x 90 minute 1:1 private coaching sessions over the course of 3 months through ZOOM video conferencing platform.
  • Private tutorials and training documents on social media, marketing, and proven business strategies for for-profit and nonprofit business ventures.
  • Personalized session notes for you to keep, so you have all of the details from our private sessions to use over and over again at your leisure.
  • Unlimited email access to me so we can chat about any and all things relating to your journey, purpose, and business.
  • Unlimited feedback and audits on anything relating to your business, including (but not limited to): Social Media, Website, Legal Business Filings, Product Launches, Research, Ideas…  etc. (We are in this together!)
  • Exclusive FREE preview access to any of my program or product launches during our time together (if applicable).
      • The Fundamentals to Building Your Brand Online E-Book
      • Nonprofit Start Up Guide (30+ Page Resource Guide)
      • Elevate Your Content for Social Media, Lessons 1&2 FULL PDF Guides
      • Receive recorded sessions of EVERY private 1:1 session to keep for a lifetime (ALL 6 X 90 MIN SESSIONS)!

Your Investment:

$500 USD

Or Monthly Payment Plan of $180 USD for 3 months 


Serious Inquiries Only. Your application will undergo a screening process before possible acceptance. 

Imagine where your life could be a year from today. I would have never started my own companies, built my own online brand, and reached so many people across the country had I stayed in my comfort zone working out of FEAR! If you want to finally create massive change in your life, YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING NEW.

I look forward to reading your application!

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